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Arduino Applied: Comprehensive Projects for Everyday Electronics Download

Download Arduino Applied: Comprehensive Projects for Everyday Electronics.
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Learn to create complex Arduino projects, divide them into smaller projects, then refine them, thereby expanding your knowledge of each topic. Arduino Uno will undoubtedly be used in a variety of applications such as for example LED flashing, mapping having a mobile Global positioning system, and downloading information to the web.

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Chapter 1: Introduction.
Chapter 2: Switches.
Chapter 3: Sensors.
Chapter 4: Liquid Crystal Display.
Chapter 5: 7-Segment LED Display.
Chapter 6: 4-Digit 7-Segment Display.
Chapter 7: 8×8 Dot Matrix Display.
Chapter 8: Servo and Stepper Motors.
Chapter 9: Rotary Encoder.
Chapter 10: Infrared Sensor.
Chapter 11: Radio Frequency Identification.
Chapter 12: SD Card Module.
Chapter 13: Screen Displays.
Chapter 14: Sensing Colors.
Chapter 15: Camera.
Chapter 16: Bluetooth Communication.
Chapter 17: Wireless Communication.
Chapter 18: Build Arduino.
Chapter 19: Global Navigation Satellite System.
Chapter 20: Interrupts and Timed Events.
Chapter 21: Power Saving.
Chapter 22: Sound and Square Waves.
Chapter 23: DC Motors.
Chapter 24: Robot Car.
Chapter 25: Wi-Fi Communication.

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Title: Arduino Applied: Comprehensive Projects for Everyday Electronics.
Language: English.
Size: 18.7 MB.
Pages: 555.
Format: pdf.
Year: 2019.
Edition: 1.
Author: Neil Cameron.