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Pro Arduino Download PDF

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Pro Arduino
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Pro Arduino pdf
Pro Arduino Download pdf

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You'll discover steps to make automated tools and Arduino-based Android devices connect to your cellular phone. You'll learn everything about changes in Arduino 1.0, create stunning output with openFrameworks, and learn to create games using Gameduino. You'll also learn advanced topics, such as for example modifying Arduino to utilize non-standard Atmel chips and PIC32 from Microchip.

Contents :

Chapter 1: Arduino 1.0.4 Core Changes.
Chapter 2: Arduino Development and Social Coding.
Chapter 3: openFrameworks and Arduino.
Chapter 4: Android ADK.
Chapter 5: XBees.
Chapter 6: Simulating.
Chapter 7: PID Controllers.
Chapter 8: Android Sensor Networks.
Chapter 9: Using Arduino with PIC32 and ATtiny Atmel Chips.
Chapter 10: Multiprocessing: Linking the Arduino for More Power.
Chapter 11: Game Development with Arduino.
Chapter 12: Writing Your Own Arduino Libraries.
Chapter 13: Arduino Test Suite.

Information about :

Title: Pro Arduino.
Language: English.
Size: 5.42 MB.
Pages: 305.
Format: PDF.
Year: 2013.
Edition: 1.
Author: Rick Anderson and Dan Cervo.