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Download Power Electronics Basics Download pdf.

Download Power Electronics Basics pdf.
Power Electronics Basic
Picture Of The Book:
Power Electronics Basics pdf

About The Book:

Essentials Of Power Electronics: The Principles Of Operation, Design, Equations, And Applications Provide Graduate Students, Professionals, Researchers And Academics With A Strong Understanding Of The Basic Theory, Providing An Overview Of The Latest Achievements And Prospects For Development In The Electronics Industry.

Contents Of The Book:
Chapter 1: Basic Concepts And Terms In Power Electronics.
Chapter 2: Semiconductor Power Switches And Passive Components.
Chapter 3: Control Of Power Electronic Devices.
Chapter 4: Line-Commutated Converters.
Chapter 5: Conversion From Direct Current To Direct Current.
Chapter 6: Inverters And Ac Converters Based On Completely Controllable Switches.
Chapter 7: Pulse-Width Modulation And Power Quality Control.
Chapter 8: Resonant Converters.
Chapter 9: Multilevel, Modular, And Multicell Converter Topologies.
Chapter 10: Applications Of Power Electronics.

Information About The Book:

 Title: Power Electronics Basics: Operating Principles, Design, Formulas, And Applications.
Language: English.
Size: 9.38 Mb.
Pages: 478.
Format: Pdf.
Year: 2015.
Edition: 1.
Author: Yuriy Rozanov, Sergey E. Ryvkin, Evgeny Chaplygin, Pavel Voronin.