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A Textbook of Electrical Technology Vol 3 Donwload PDF

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 A Textbook of Electrical Technology 
Picture Of The Book:
A Textbook of Electrical Technology pdf
A Textbook of Electrical Technology.
About The Book:

The "Reading material of Electrical Technology: Volume 3 (Transport, Distribution and Use") talks about the different hypotheses of transport, dispersion and utilization of electrical innovation and clarifies it. The inclusion of points, for example, assessment, administration limit, and computerization of conveyance, for example, the full-profundity sections exhibited in the content, are outlined in a brief way.

Contents Of The Book:

Chapter 1: D.C. Transmission and Distribution.
Chapter 2: A.C. Transmission.
Chapter 3: Distriemtion Electric Traction.
Chapter 4: Industrial Applications of Electric Motors.
Chapter 5: Distribution Automation.
Chapter 6: Electronic Control of AC Motors.
Chapter 7: Electric Heating.
Chapter 8: Rating and Service Capacity.
Chapter 9: Electric Welding.
Chapter 10: Illumination.
Chapter 11: Tariffs and Economic Considerations.
Chapter 12: Semiconductor Physics.
Chapter 13: P.N. Junction Diode.
Chapter 14: Opto Electronic Devices.
Chapter 15: Special Diodes.

Information About The Book:

Title: A Textbook of Electrical Technology.
Language: English
Size: 6.8 Mb
Pages: 455
Format: PDF 
Edition: 3.
Author: B.L. Theraja,‎ A.K. Theraja.