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Analog and VLSI Circuits Download PDF

Download Analog and VLSI Circuits PDF 
Analog and VLSI Circuits
Picture Of The Book:
Analog and VLSI Circuits pdf

About The Book:

This book contains the most recent data about simple circuits and VLSI, disregarding the far reaching hypothesis and proof for some models in every section.
The first part of the text focuses on analog integrated circuits, providing up-to-date knowledge of monolithic device models, analog circuit cells, high-performance analog circuits, and radio frequency communications.
Featuring hundreds of illustrations and references, this volume in the third edition of the Circuits and Filters Handbook, provides the latest information on analog and VLSI circuits, omitting extensive theory and proofs in favor of numerous examples throughout each chapter.

Contents Of The Book:

Chapter 1: Monolithic Device Models.
Chapter 2: Analog Circuit Cells.
Chapter 3: High-Performance Analog Circuits.
Chapter 4: RF Communication Circuits.
Chapter 5: PLL Circuits.
Chapter 6: Synthesis of Reactance Pulse-Forming Networks.
Chapter 7: Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing.
Chapter 8: Digital Circuits.
Chapter 9: Digital Systems.
Chapter 10: Data Converters.

Information About The Book:

Title: Analog and VLSI Circuits.
Language: English
Format: PDF 
Edition: 3
Author: Wai-Kai Chen.