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World-Class Telecommunications Service Development Download PDF

Download World-Class Telecommunications Service Development PDF
World-Class Telecommunications Service Development 
Picture Of The Book:
World-Class Telecommunications Service Development pdf
World-Class Telecommunications Service Development 
About The Book:

By investigating the basic procedures behind the improvement of broadcast communications benefits, this content tells the peruser the best way to make a fruitful assistance inside the association, and better sort out and oversee administration conveyance endeavors. This content, composed by an accomplished interchanges master with 20 years of expert experience, recognizes and portrays the two basic periods of item advancement - item and administration conveyance levels - and clarifies how they cooperate to shape a correspondences administration.

Contents Of The Book:

Chapter 1: The Telecommunications Industry—What’s Ahead.
Chapter 2: The Challenge of Development Within the Telecommunications Industry.
Chapter 3: The Product Development Orientation.
Chapter 4: Views Into Product Development.
Chapter 5: The Cycle and Phases of Product Development.
Chapter 6: Phase 1: Opportunity Analysis.
Chapter 7: Phase 2: Defining the Product and Determining Feasibility.
Chapter 8: Phase 2 Continued: Issues of Product Definition and Design.
Chapter 9: The Process and Processes of Service Delivery.
Chapter 10: Phase 3: Designing Process Requirements.
Chapter 11: Phase 3 Continued: Tools and Techniques for Process Design.
Chapter 12: Integrating and Automating the Service Delivery Process.
Chapter 13: The Environment of Service Creation and Delivery.
Chapter 14: Telecommunications Management Network.
Chapter 15: Phase 4: Into Development.
Chapter 16: Phase 5: Implementation and Trials.
Chapter 17: Phase 6: Launching the Service.
Chapter 18: Organizing for Product Development.
Chapter 19: Building Teams That Win.
Chapter 20: Approaches to Team Building and Rapid Development.
Chapter 21: Beyond Product Launch: Completing the Development Cycle and Managing the Product in Life.
Chapter 22: The World-Class Service Provider.

Information About The Book:

Title: World-Class Telecommunications Service Development.
Language: English
Size: 1.95 Mb
Pages: 286
Format: PDF 
Author: Ellen Ward.