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A First Lab In Circuits And Electronics Download PDF

Download A First Lab In Circuits And Electronics PDF 
A First Lab In Circuits And Electronics
Picture Of The Book:
A First Lab In Circuits And Electronics pdf
A First Lab In Circuits And Electronics.

About The Book:

The Book Offers An Exciting And Active Exploration Of Concepts And Measurements And Encourages Students To Tamper, Experiment And Create On Their Own. This Is Useful For Further Study And Subsequent Professional Work. The Manual Includes A Stand-Alone Background For All Electronics Experiments So That The Laboratory Can Be Operated Simultaneously With Any Circuit Or Electronic Circuit, At Any Level. Circles Are Used In Real Applications That Students Can Contact, In Order To Motivate Them And Convince Them That What They Are Learning Is Real. As A Result, The Material Is No Longer Interesting, But It Also Helps Stimulate Further Study In Circuits, Electronics, Communications, And Semiconductor Devices.

Contents Of The Book:

Experiment 1: Measuring Dc Voltages And Currents.
Experiment 2: Simple Dc Circuits; Resistors And Resistive Sensors.
Experiment3: Generating, Observing, And Hearing Time-Varying Signals.
Experiment 4: Basic Characteristics Of Op Amps And Comparators.
Experiment 5: Amplifier Design Using Op Amps; A Sound System.
Experiment 6: Rc Circuit Transients; More On Measurement Techniques.
Experiment 7. Filters, Frequency Response, And Tone Control.
Experiment 8: Lc Circuits, Resonance, And Transformers.
Experiment 9: Diodes And Their Applications.
Experiment 10: Modulation And Radio Reception.
Experiment 11: Mosfet Characteristics And Applications.
Experiment 12: Principles Of Amplification.
Experiment 13: Bipolar Transistors And Amplifiers.
Experiment 14: Digital Logic Circuits; Gates And Latches.
Experiment 15: D Flip-Flops And Shift Registers.
Experiment 16: Jk Flip-Flops And Ripple Counters.

Information About The Book:

Title: A First Lab In Circuits And Electronics.
Language: English
Size: 11 Mb
Pages: 139
Format: PDF 
Edition: 1
Author: Yannis P Tsividis.