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Python Programming with Raspberry Pi Download PDF

Download Python Programming with Raspberry Pi PDF
Python Programming with Raspberry Pi 
Picture Of The Book:
Python Programming with Raspberry Pi
Python Programming with Raspberry Pi.
About The Book:

This book is focused on specialists and software engineers who need to learn Python programming and create applications utilizing the Pi Zero. They ought to have essential recognition with hardware. Raspberry Pi Zero is a super-little and super-reasonable item from Raspberry Pi that is pressed with a plenty of highlights and has gotten the notification of software engineers, particularly the individuals who use Python.

Contents Of The Book:

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Python and the Raspberry Pi Zero.
Chapter 2: Arithmetic Operations, Loops, and Blinky Lights.
Chapter 3: Conditional Statements, Functions, and Lists.
Chapter 4: Communication Interfaces.
Chapter 5: Data Types and Object-Oriented Programming in Python.
Chapter 6: File I/O and Python Utilities.
Chapter 7: Requests and Web Frameworks.
Chapter 8: Awesome Things You Could Develop Using Python.
Chapter 9: Lets Build a Robot!.
Chapter 10: Home Automation Using the Raspberry Pi Zero.
Chapter 11: Tips and Tricks.

Information About The Book:

Title: Python Programming with Raspberry Pi.
Language: English
Size: 53.2 Mb
Pages: 306
Format: PDF 
Year: 2017
Edition: 1
Author: Sai Yamanoor and Srihari Yamanoor