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Raspberry Pi 2 Server Essentials download pdf

Download Raspberry Pi 2 Server Essentials pdf
Raspberry Pi 2 Server Essentials
Picture Of The Book:
Raspberry Pi 2 Server Essentials
Raspberry Pi 2 Server Essentials.
About The Book:

This book tells you the best way to transform it into a multi-reason web server, fit for putting away and overseeing assets that empower you to construct some really imaginative and amazing processing manifestations. You will figure out how to utilize Raspberry Pi 2 to have a site in a scope of various dialects, have a game server, store records, and run everything from a media place to a cloud. In the event that you need to assume responsibility for your innovation world, begin constructing your own server and find what's conceivable with the Raspberry Pi smaller than usual PC.

Contents Of The Book:

Chapter 1: Getting Started with the Raspberry Pi.
Chapter 2: Preparing a Network.
Chapter 3: Configuring Extra Features.
Chapter 4: Using Fast Web Servers and Databases.
Chapter 5: Setting Up the Raspberry Pi as a File Server.
Chapter 6: Setting Up Game Servers.
Chapter 7: Streaming Live HD Video.
Chapter 8: Setting Up the Pi as a Media Center Server.
Chapter 9: Running Your Pi from a Battery's Power Source.
Chapter 10: Windows IoT Core.
Chapter 11: Running Your ownCloud.
Chapter 12: The Internet of Things – Sensors in the Cloud.

Information About The Book:

Title: Raspberry Pi 2 Server Essentials.
Language: English.
Size: 8.08 Mb.
Pages: 174.
Format: Pdf.
Year: 2016.
Edition: 1.
Author: Piotr J. Kula.