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Arduino Wearable Projects Download PDF

Download Arduino Wearable Projects PDF
Arduino Wearable Projects
Picture Of The Book:
Free Download Arduino Wearable Projects pdf
Arduino Wearable Projects.
About The Book:

This book furnishes you with the abilities and comprehension to make your own wearable tasks. The book covers different model boards good with the Arduino stage and is reasonable for making wearable activities. Every section covers a task where information and abilities are steadily presented, making the book appropriate for a wide range of perusers.

Contents Of The Book:

Chapter 1: First Look and Blinking Lights.
Chapter 2: Working with Sensors.
Chapter 3: Bike Gloves.
Chapter 4: LED Glasses.
Chapter 5: Where in the World Am I?
Chapter 6: Hands-on with NFC.
Chapter 7: Hands-on BLE.
Chapter 8: On the Wi-ly.
Chapter 9: Time to Get Smart.

Information About The Book:

Title: Arduino Wearable Projects.
Language: English.
Size: 10.8 Mb.
Pages: 218.
Format: PDF 
Year: 2015
Edition: 1.
Author: Tony Olsson.