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Analogue and Digital Communication Techniques Download PDF

Download Analogue and Digital Communication Techniques PDF 
Analogue and Digital Communication Techniques
Picture Of The Book:
Free Download Analogue and Digital Communication Techniques PDF
Analogue and Digital Communication Techniques
About The Book:

This book covers the principles behind analog and digital communication systems and adopts a less mathematical approach than is often at this level. It begins with basic principles such as information systems, data compression, and error detection before moving on to more advanced topics such as systems code modification systems and digital microwave systems..
The idea for this book was born out of the notes that I made while lecturing on 
the HND Engineering (Electronics & Communication) Programme. From my 
experiences as a lecturer I very soon realised that the text books that the students 
consulted were either too advanced and too mathematical, more suitable to 3-year 
and 4-year degree courses, or too simple in that they were orientated to the BTEC/ 
EDEXCEL National Diploma and National Certificate programmes. 
In this book I have tried to bridge the gap between the two educational levels. 
Hopefully, students taking advanced GNVQ, HND and degree courses will find 
the information given useful and helpful in their studies. I have also tried to bridge 
some of the gaps between purely descriptive text with mathematical descriptions. 
The knowledge gained and experiences whilst working as a technician and 
training officer in the telecommunications industry, together with the experience 
of lecturing at a further education college, equipped me to write this book 
I sincerely hope that all students who use this book will benefit from the 
information contained within its covers.

Contents Of The Book:

Chapter 1: Definition of terms.
Chapter 2: Analogue modulation principles.
Chapter 3: Spread spectrum systems.
Chapter 4: Digital modulation techniques.
Chapter 5: Pulse code modulation.
Chapter 6: Noise figure and noise temperature .
Chapter 7: Effects of noise and distortion on analogue and digital signals.
Chapter 8: Determination of bit error rates.
Chapter 9: Source coding techniques.
Chapter 10: Bit error detection and correction.
Chapter 11: Line and interface coding.
Chapter 12: ISO open systems interconnect seven-layer model.

Information About The Book:

Title: Analogue and Digital Communication Techniques.
Language: English.
Size: 13.4 Mb.
Pages: 313.
Format: PDF 
Year: 1999.
Edition: 1.
Author: Grahame Smillie and Graham Smillie.