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Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices Sourcebook Download PDF

Download Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices Sourcebook PDF
Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices Sourcebook 
Picture Of The Book:
Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices Sourcebook
Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices Sourcebook
About The Book:

It shows tech enthusiasts how to create a perfect computer, whether they want to create a finished gaming machine or combine new and recycled parts to create a cheap computer. This guide has now been heavily revised and updated to cover the wide range of new devices and accessories available step-by-step instructions and dozens of photos Which is going to build the computer for the first time throughout the entire process ...

Contents Of The Book:

Chapter 1: Basics Of Mechanisms.
Chapter 2: Motion Control Systems.
Chapter 3: Industrial Robots.
Chapter 4: Mobile Scientific, Military, And Research Robots.
Chapter 5: Linkages: Drives And Mechanisms.
Chapter 6: Gears: Devices, Drives, And Mechanisms.
Chapter 7: Cam, Geneva, And Ratchet Drives And Mechanisms.
Chapter 8: Clutches And Brakes.
Chapter 9: Latching, Fastening, And Clamping Devices And Mechanisms.
Chapter 10: Chain And Belt Devices And Mechanisms.
Chapter 11: Spring And Screw Devices And Mechanisms.
Chapter 13: Motion-specific Devices, Mechanisms, And Machines. 
Chapter 14: Packaging, Conveying, Handling, And Safety Mechanisms And Machines.
Chapter 15: Torque, Speed, Tension, And Limit Control Systems.
Chapter 16: Instruments And Controls: Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electric, And Electronic.
Chapter 17: Computer-aided Design Concepts.
Chapter 18: Rapid Prototyping.
Chapter 19: New Directions In Mechanical Engineering.

Information About The Book:

Title: Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices Sourcebook.
Language: English.
Size: 26.4 Mb.
Pages: 552.
Format: PDF
Year: 2006.
Edition: 4.
Author: Neil Sclater and Nicholas Chironis.