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Download Electronics Basic Analog and Digital with PSpice PDF

Download Electronics Basic Analog and Digital with PSpice PDF 
Electronics Basic Analog and Digital with PSpice
Picture Of the Book:
Electronics Basic Analog and Digital with PSpice

About The Book:

This book differs significantly from other current introductory textbooks on electronics in
its coverage and approach. Most of the current textbooks pay only scant attention to basic
electronics and the underlying theory of semiconductors. This, I believe, is a serious
shortcoming, because some knowledge of the fundamental physical concepts involved is
needed for two main reasons: first, in order to gain more than a superficial understanding
of the behavior of semiconductor devices, and, second, to appreciate the nature of con-
tinning improvements to the performance of these devices and therefore be able to follow
the ongoing and projected advances in microelectronics. Given that the theory of electric
conduction in semiconductors is well above the level of an introductory textbook, the
challenge is to present the essentials of this theory in a way that gives at least a good
qualitative understanding of the fundamental concepts involved. Fundamentals and con-
cents are strongly emphasized throughout this book, as in the author’s book Electric
Circuits and Signals, CRC press, Boca Raton, Florida, 2008.
Hardware: Basic, Analog, and Digital with PSpice accomplish something beyond doubtful statements about gadgets. Contrasted with most current course books on this subject, it gives considerably more consideration to essential hardware and fundamental semiconductor hypothesis. In talking about electrical conductivity in semiconductors, the creator tends to the significant fundamental and brought together an idea that is frequently ignored by the electrochemical possibilities of flow vectors and is additionally an instructive connection among semiconductors and ionic frameworks when electrical designing understudies are progressively presented to natural introduction to frameworks.

Contents Of the Book:

Chapter 1: Basic Diode Circuits.
Chapter 2: Basic Principles of Semiconductors.
Chapter 3: pin Junction and Semiconductor Diodes.
Chapter 4: Semiconductor Fabrication.
Chapter 5: Field-Effect Transistors.
Chapter 6: Bipolar Junction Transistor.
Chapter 7: Two-Port Circuits, Amplifiers, and Feedback.
Chapter 8: Single-Stage Transistor Amplifiers.
Chapter 9: Multistage and Feedback Amplifiers.
Chapter 10: Differential and Operational Amplifiers.
Chapter 11: Power Amplifiers and Switches.
Chapter 12: Basic Elements of Digital Circuits.
Chapter 13: Digital Logic Circuit Families.

Information About the Book:

Title: Electronics Basic Analog and Digital with PSpice.
Language: English.
Size: 7.50 Mb.
Pages: 766.
Format: PDF 
Year: 2009.
Edition: 1.
Author: Nassir H. Sabah.