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Industrial Motor Control download PDF

Download Industrial Motor Control PDF
Industrial Motor Control.
Picture Of The Book:
Industrial Motor Control pdf
Industrial Motor Control
About The Book:

of any electrical preparation. Exhaustive and forward-thinking, this book gives significant data on fundamental hand-off control frameworks, programmable rationale controllers, and strong state gadgets commonly found in a modern domain. Composed of a certified and profoundly regarded creator, you will discover simple to-adhere to directions and essential data on controlling modern engines and gadgets normally utilized in the contemporary industry. The Industrial Control Engine 7E has prevailed with regard to overcoming any issues between modern upkeep and gadgets, giving you a fundamental comprehension of the activity of variable recurrence drives, strong state transfers, and different applications that utilization electronic gadgets.
he amount of knowledge an electrician must pos-
sess to be able to install and troubleshoot control
systems in today’s industry has increased dramati-
cally in recent years. A continuous influx of im-
proved control components allows engineers and
electricians to design and install even more sophisti-
cated and complex control systems. Industrial Motor
Control presents the solid-state devices common
in an industrial environment. This is intended to
help the student understand how many of the con-
trol components operate, such as solid-state relays,
rectifiers, SCR drives for direct current motors, vari-
able frequency drives for alternating current mo-
tors, and the inputs and outputs of program mable
controllers. Although most electricians do not
troubleshoot circuits on a component level, a basic
knowledge of how these electronic devices operate
is necessary in understanding how various control
components perform their functions.
The influx of programmable logic controllers
into industry has bridged the gap between the
responsibilities of the electrician and the instru-
mentation technician. Many industries now insist
that electricians and instrumentation technicians
be cross-trained so they can work more closely to-

Contents Of The Book:

Chapter 1: General Principles of Motor Control.
Chapter 2: Symbols and schematic diagrams.
Chapter 3: Manual Starters.
Chapter 4: Overload Relays.
Chapter 5: The Control Transformer.
Chapter 6: Timing Relays.
Chapter 7: Pressure Switches and Sensors.
Chapter 8: Float Switches.
Chapter 9: DC Motors.
Chapter 10: Starting Methods for DC Motors.
Chapter 11: Solid-State DC Drives.
Chapter 12: Stepping Motors.
Chapter 13: The Motor and Starting Methods.
Chapter 14: Resistor and Reactor Starting for AC Motors.
Chapter 15: Autotransformer Starting.
Chapter 16: Wye–Delta Starting.
Chapter 17: Part Winding Starters.
Chapter 18: Consequent Pole Motors.
Chapter 19: Variable Voltage and Magnetic Clutches.
Chapter 20: Braking.
Chapter 21: Wound Rotor Induction Motors.
Chapter 22: Synchronous Motors.
Chapter 23: The Unijunction Transistor.
Chapter 24: The SCR.
Chapter 25: The Diac.
Chapter 26: The Triac.
Chapter 27: The 555 Timer.
Chapter 28: The Operational Amplifier.
Chapter 29: Flow Switches and Sensors.
Chapter 30: Limit Switches.

Information About The Book:

Title: Industrial Motor Control.
Language: English.
Size: 40.0 Mb.
Pages: 578.
Format: PDF
Year: 2013.
Edition: 7.
Author: Stephen L. Herman.
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