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Download Power Electronics Converters and Regulators Third Edition free PDF

Download Power Electronics Converters and Regulators Third Edition by Branko L. Dokić free PDF
Power Electronics Converters and Regulators Third Edition by Branko L. Dokić free PDF
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Power Electronics Converters and Regulators Third Edition by Branko L. Dokić

About of The Book:

This book is the result of the extensive experience the authors gained through their year-long occupation at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Banja Luka. Starting at the fundamental basics of electrical engineering, the book guides the reader into this field and covers all the relevant types of converters and regulators. Understanding is enhanced by the given examples, exercises and solutions. Thus, this book can be used as a textbook for students, for self-study or as a reference book for professionals.
The book “Power Electronics” by Branko L. Dokić and Branko Blanuša contains ten chapters, and deals with the most significant items of power electronics. It is well organized with lot of examples, grues, and tables. The RST chapter is “Introduction.” In this chapter basic elements, as well as some circuits and components used in power electronics are briey presented. 
Nowadays, “Power Electronics,” basically deals with conversion and control of
electrical power using electronic converters based on semiconductor power
switches. Historically, the evolution of power electronics has generally followed the
semiconductor power device evolution. Power solid-state devices are the heart and
soul of modern power electronics equipment. Therefore, the age of power solid-
state electronics is often called the second electronics revolution. Development of
microelectronic controllers has made revolutionary advances in power electronics.
Power electronics circuits are an integral part of all electronics equipments.
Power supply is the heart of all electronic circuits. For low-power consumption
units or for portable operation, a battery is often used. For example, in a power
supply system for a laptop computer, DC/DC converter converts lithium battery
voltage into the output voltages required by the load. AC mains supply is generally
used as a primary power supply for high power circuits. In almost all cases, this
power requires conversion to the appropriate DC voltage by AC to DC converters.
Besides DC to DC and AC to DC converters, typical applications of power elec-
tronics include conversion of an unregulated DC voltage to a regulated one, con-
version of DC to AC, and conversion of an AC power source from one amplitude
and/or frequency to another amplitude and/or frequency.
DC to DC converters and DC to AC inverters provide natural interfaces with
direct energy sources such as solar cells, thermoelectric generators, fuel cell un-
interruptible power sources. Commercial applications of power electronics include
industrial motor drives, electrical vehicle power and drive system, as communi-
cations equipment, off-line power systems for computers, robotic technology,
inverter systems for renewable energy generation applications, etc. In the twenty-
first century, power electronics will have a large impact on industrial automation,
energy conservation, utility systems, transportation, and environmental protection.
Power electronics includes application from ranges less than one watt (battery-
operated portable equipment) to more than a few 100 or 1,000 W in motor drives or
in rectifiers and inverters that interface DC transmission lines to the AC utility
power system. In view of the fact that high efficiency is essential in all power
processing applications, the key element is the switching converter

Constants Of the Book:

1 Introduction
2 Diodes and Transistors 
3 Regenerative Switches. 
4 PWM DC/DC Converters . 
5 Control Modules.
6 DC/AC Converters–Inverters .
7  AC/DC Converters–Rectifiers . 
8 AC/AC Converters . 
9 Resonant Converters.
10 Introduction to Multilevel Converters .

Information Of The Book:

Name of the book : Power Electronics Converters and Regulators Third Edition 
Publisher: Springer; Softcover reprint of the original 3rd ed.
Format: PDF
Language: English
Pages: 617
Size: 18.7 MB