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Electric Circuits and Networks Download PDF

Download Electric Circuits and Networks PDF
Electric Circuits and Networks by K. S. Suresh Kumar PDF
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Download Electric Circuits and Networks PDF

About Of The Book:

This book is more than a textbook on electric circuits. It is a veritable learning reference that presents electric circuit analysis in a simplified manner, without sacrificing rigor and thoroughness. The book is a sequel to the author’s Electric Circuits and Signals, CRC Press, 2008.
The electric signal material has been omitted and circuit analysis is treated in a more simplified and expanded form. The book differs from other textbooks on electric circuits in its pedagogy and 
organization, as expounded later, particularly in the following respects.
It is emphasized from the very beginning that circuits obey two universal conservation laws: conservation of energy and conservation of charge, which imply, respectively, conservation of power and conservation of current. Kirchhoff’s laws are simply an expression of these conservation laws and not some sacrosanct laws that are peculiar to electric circuits. They are convenient to apply in lieu of the more fundamental conservation laws because they are linear in voltage and current.

Content of The Book:

Part I: Basic Concepts in Circuit Analysis
Chapter 1 Preliminaries to Circuit Analysis
Chapter 2 Fundamentals of Resistive Circuits
Chapter 3 Circuit Equivalence
Chapter 4 Circuit Theorems
Chapter 5 Circuit Simplification
Chapter 6 Circuit Equations
Chapter 7 Capacitors, Inductors, and Duality
Chapter 8 Sinusoidal Steady State
Chapter 9 Linear Transformer
Chapter 10 Ideal Transformers
Chapter 11 Basic Responses of First-Order Circuits
Chapter 12 Basic Responses of Second-Order Circuits
Part II: Topics in Circuit Analysis
Chapter 13 Ideal Operational Amplifier
Chapter 14 Frequency Responses
Chapter 15 Butterworth and Active Filters
Chapter 16 Responses to Periodic Inputs
Chapter 17 Real, Reactive, and Complex Power
Chapter 18 Responses to Step and Impulse Inputs
Chapter 19 Switched Circuits with Initial Energy Storage
Chapter 20 Convolution
Chapter 21 Properties of the Laplace Transform
Chapter 22 Laplace Transform in Circuit Analysis
Chapter 23 Fourier Transform
Chapter 24 Two-Port Circuits
Chapter 25 Balanced Three-Phase Systems

Information Of The Book:

File Name :Electric Circuits and Networks
Language :English 
File Size : 8.7  MB
By :K. S. Suresh Kumar