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Power Quality VAR Compensation in Power Systems Download PDF

Download Power Quality VAR Compensation in Power Systems PDF
Power Quality VAR Compensation in Power Systems by R. Sastry Vedam and Mulukutla S. Sarma
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Download Power Quality VAR Compensation in Power Systems PDF

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In many countries the electricity supply industry has been deregulated. Though the designs of electricity markets vary, there are some common features. Generation, transmission, and distribution functions have been split up. There is competition in generation and distribution, whereas the situation in transmission everywhere approaches a monopoly. Further, the regulatory authorities ensure that no company providing power may overcharge customers and make huge profits. There are also regulations to help ensure the reliability and quality of power supply. The utilities must ensure a reasonable quality of supply, that is, without too many sags, swells, and high harmonic voltages affecting the performance of customer equipment. These changes have put considerable pressure on the utilities to become efficient and at the same time provide reliable supply without too many interruptions.
There has been widespread use of electronic power equipment that generates harmonics. To cope with these increased loads, utilities wish to strengthen the transmission system by building more interconnections. It is difficult to obtain permission from local authorities for new transmission line routes due to (a) the increase in built-up areas, (b) the need to maintain good agricultural land, and (c) other aesthetic and environmental considerations. Hence, facilities are required to find other technical solutions such as static VAR compensators (SVCs), capacitors, and reactors for reactive compensation purposes. At the same time, utilities must ensure that their power quality is not affected by the harmonics produced by the electronic equipment. In very few cases such as high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission, compatible SVC filters must be provided.

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Chapter 1 Power Quality
Chapter 2 Static Var Compensators
Chapter 3 Control of Static Var Compensators
Chapter 4 Harmonics
Chapter 5 Utility Harmonic Regulations and Standards
Chapter 6 Harmonic Filters
Chapter 7 Computational Tools and Programs for the Design and Analysis of Static Var Compensators and Filters
Chapter 8 Monitoring Power Quality
Chapter 9 Reactors
Chapter 10 Capacitors
Chapter 11 Fast Fourier Transforms

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File Name :Power Quality VAR Compensation in Power Systems Download PDF
Language :English 
File Size : 4.5  MB
By :R. Sastry Vedam and Mulukutla S. Sarma