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Electronics All-in-One For Dummies Download PDF

Electronics All-in-One For Dummies Download PDF
Electronics All-in-One For Dummies PDF
Picture Of The Book;
Electronics All-in-One For Dummies Download PDF

Electronics All-in-One For Dummies Download PDF

About Of The Book;

If you're looking for a solitary resource that covers everything you need to know about electronics, then look no further. This friendly-and-straightforward guide introduces the basics of electronics and enhances your learning experience by debunking and explaining concepts such as circuits, analog and digital, schematics, voltage, safety concerns, and more. Packed with nearly 900 pages of detailed information, this book shows you how to develop your own breadboard, design your own circuit, and get savvy with schematics.
Covers the basics of electronics and demystifies a variety of electronics concepts
Encourages you to dive in and design a variety of fun and interesting entertainment, electronics, mobile, and automotive projects
Offers troubleshooting advice for common electronics challenges
Reviews circuits, schematics, voltage, safety concerns, and much more
So, get plugged in and start your next electronics project today with this book by your side!

Content Of The Book;

Book 1: Getting Started in Electronics 
Chapter 1: Welcome to Electronics
Chapter 2: Understanding Electricity
Chapter 3: Creating Your Mad-Scientist Lab
Chapter 4: Staying Safe
Chapter 5: Reading Schematic Diagrams
Chapter 6: Building Projects
Chapter 7: The Secrets of Successful Soldering
Chapter 8: Measuring Circuits with a Multimeter
Chapter 9: Catching Waves with an Oscilloscope

Book 2: Working with Basic Electronic Components
Chapter 1: Working with Basic Circuits
Chapter 2: Working with Resistors
Chapter 3: Working with Capacitors
Chapter 4: Working with Inductors
Chapter 5: Working with Diodes and LEDs
Chapter 6: Working with Transistor

Book 3: Working with Integrated Circuits 
Chapter 1: Introducing Integrated Circuits
Chapter 2: The Fabulous 555 Timer Chip
Chapter 3: Working with Op-Amps

Book 4: Beyond Direct Current 
Chapter 1: Getting into Alternating Current
Chapter 2: Building Power Supplies
Chapter 3: Understanding Radio
Chapter 4: Working with Infrared

Book 5: Doing Digital Electronics 
Chapter 1: Understanding Digital Electronics
Chapter 2: Getting Logical
Chapter 3: Working with Logic Circuits
Chapter 4: Working with Flip-Flops
Chapter 5: Introducing Microcontrollers

Book 6: Working with Arduino Microprocessors 
Chapter 1: Introducing Arduino
Chapter 2: Creating Arduino Sketches
Chapter 3: More Arduino Programming Tricks
Chapter 4: An Arduino Proximity Sensor

Book 7: Working with BASIC Stamp Processors 
Chapter 1: Introducing the BASIC Stamp
Chapter 2: Programming in PBASIC
Chapter 3: More PBASIC Programming Tricks
Chapter 4: Adding Sound and Motion to Your BASIC Stamp Projects

Book 8: Working with Raspberry Pi 
Chapter 1: Introducing Raspberry Pi
Chapter 2: Programming in Python
Chapter 3: Reading Digital and Analog Input

Book 9: Special Effects
Chapter 1: Building a Color Organ
Chapter 2: Animating Holiday Lights
Chapter 3: Building an Animatronic Prop Controller

Information Of The Book;
Name Of The Book; 
Language; English
Pages; 911
Format; PDF
Size; 24.1 MB