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Basics of Electrical Drives Download PDF

Basics of Electrical Drives by S K Pillai
Basics of Electrical Drives Download PDF
Picture Of The Book :
Basics of Electrical Drives by S K Pillai
Basics of Electrical Drives by S K Pillai

About Of The Book :

The book provides a comprehensive introduction to the dynamics, characteristics, starting and braking of drives for DC and AC motors, as well as loading conditions, ratings, and heating. There are separate classes dedicated to controlled hard drives and industrial applications. The MKS modular system was used throughout and the specifications of Indian standards were adhered to. In addition to practical examples, most classes include a number of problems designed to test a student's understanding of a topic.
Electrical Drives play a vital role in engineering and industry both in this country and abroad. It is therefore essential that students of electrical engineering have a proper grounding in this subject. Conventional courses in Electrical Machines, however, are not adequate for the purpose as electric motors do not by themselves constitute an electrical drive and their characteristics have to be studied keeping in mind the types of control schemes (such as those using thyristor circuits) and the dynamics of the load.
On the other hand, courses on ‘Control System’, ‘Industrial Electronics’ and ‘Power Electronics’ do not devote sufficient attention to electrical motor characteristics and mechanical load demands. It is thus necessary to have a course on the fundamentals of electrical drives, suitable for study by undergraduate students of electrical engineering.

Content Of The Book :

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Dynamics of Electrical Drives
Chapter 3 Characteristics of dc Motors
Chapter 4 Characteristics of ac Motors
Chapter 5 Starting
Chapter 6 Electric Braking
Chapter 7 Rating and Heating of Motors
Chapter 8 Introduction to Solid State Controlled Drives
Chapter 9 Stepper Motors
Chapter 10 Industrial Applications

Information Of The Book :

File Name Of The Book : Basics of Electrical Drives
File Size : 3.8 MB
language : English
Page :  245
Format : PDF
Author :  S K Pillai
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