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Electric Circuits Edited Download PDF

Electric Circuits Edited By James S. Kang
Electric Circuits Edited Download PDF
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Electric Circuits Edited PDF

About Of The Book:

This book is intended to be an introductory text on the subject of electric circuits. It provides simple explanations of the basic concepts, followed by simple examples and exercises. When necessary, detailed derivations for the main topics and examples are given to help readers understand the main ideas. MATLAB is a tool that can be used effectively in Electric Circuits courses. In this text, MATLAB is integrated into selected examples to illustrate its use in solving circuit problems. MATLAB can be used to check the answers or solve more complex circuit problems. This text is written for a two-semester sequence or a three-quarters sequence on electric circuits.
In the analog filter design, the specifications of the filter are translated into its transfer function in cascade form. From the transfer function, each section can be designed with appropriate op amp circuits. The normalized component values for each section are found by adopting a simplification method (equal R equal C or unity gain). Then, magnitude scaling and frequency scaling are used to find the final component values. The entire design procedure, from the specifications to the circuit design, is detailed, including the PSpice simulation used to verify the design.
In addition to analyzing RC, RL, and RLC circuits connected in series or parallel in the time domain and the frequency domain, analyses of circuits different from RC, RL, and RLC circuits and connected other than in series and parallel are provided. Also, general input signals that are different from unit step functions are included in the analyses.
Before the discussion of Fourier series, orthogonal functions and the representation of square integrable functions as a linear combination of a set of orthogonal functions are introduced. The set of orthogonal functions for Fourier series representation consists of cosines and sines. The Fourier coefficients for the square pulse train, triangular pulse train, sawtooth pulse train, and rectified sines and cosines are derived. The Fourier coefficients of any variation of these waveforms can be found by applying the time-shifting property and finding the dc component.

Contents Of The Book :

Chapter 1- Voltage, Current, Power,and Sources
Chapter 2- circuit laws
Chapter 3- circuit analysis Methods
Chapter 4- circuit theorems
Chapter 5- Operational amplifier circuits
Chapter 6- capacitors and instructors
Chapter 7- rc and rl Circuits
Chapter 8- rlc Circuits
Chapter 9- Phasors and impedance's
Chapter 10- analysis of Phasor-trans Formed Circuits
Chapter 11- ac three Phase System  Power
Chapter 12-Magnetically Coupled Circuits
Chapter 13- the lap Lace trans Form
Chapter 14- Circuits analysis in the sdomain
Chapter 15- first- and Second-order analog filters

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Book Format : PDF
Language : English
Page : 1586
Size : 21.0 MB
To Electric Circuits Edited Download PDF