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Electricity and Electronics for Renewable Energy Technology Download PDF

Electricity and Electronics for Renewable Energy Technology By Ahmad Hemami
Electricity and Electronics for Renewable Energy Technology Download PDF
Picture Of The Book :
Electricity and Electronics for Renewable Energy Technology By Ahmad Hemami
Electricity and Electronics for Renewable Energy Technology By Ahmad Hemami

About Of The Book :

This book has been written as a textbook for college and university students whose major is not electrical engineering. As a result, the necessary material, which appears to students of electrical engineering in several books with more in-depth analysis, is covered in one book. In this way, all material which is believed to be essential and at a level deemed sufficient for the reader is presented. The relatively more advanced materials for some of the classes are placed separately under the heading 'Advanced Learning', which can be skipped by those schools / programs that prefer to do so. The advanced sections cover subject-related mathematics that were described in the chapter without an extensive mathematical analysis.
The content for this book was selected using numerous recommendations from industry advisory committee members for a two-year program dedicated to training technicians to work in the wind industry. Based on their comments about the program and their expectations from alumni working in the field, as well as knowledge of electricity, a general knowledge of basic electronics is essential, particularly as an initial step towards understanding more advanced materials for gates transistors and transducers. Moreover, since, in practice, they must deal with and be exposed to PLCs, SCADA and industrial control in general, they need a basic and brief understanding of digital systems and digital electronics.
This book is not about wind power, solar energy, or any other renewable energy. It relates to general and private issues in electricity and electronics that a technical person working in generating and distributing electricity from renewable sources needs to know. The purpose is to collect general knowledge in one book, to a moderate level, about the methods and devices used in
Power generation from some renewable energy sources. Modern wind turbines and solar PV systems use transducers to generate alternating current electricity on a commercial scale. This is completely different from the traditional methods used in hydropower and fossil fuel plants. The difference lies in the fact that the electrical energy in solar PV systems is initially in the form of direct current, and in wind turbines, depending on operating modes, induction generators are used or synchronous generators are used that rotate at varying speeds. Either way, switching by power electronics is inevitable.
 Self-sufficient for many programs so that it can serve as the only book for a few courses within the program, and the content is preserved as it was initially designed. In this regard, some readers can skip the first five chapters, which deal with the basics. In particular, for those students who do not have sufficient knowledge of basic mathematics and also for those people in the industry who wish to use the text as a suitable reference book and may need a revision to update their forgotten but necessary mathematical skills, a class is devoted to Fundamentals of Mathematics. The book begins with basics of electricity, no prior knowledge required, but is fast-paced and gradually covers very advanced materials. Regarding the coverage of Matte Real, this is a unique book of this caliber that brings several essential topics together in one volume. In addition, the pedagogical approach to specific topics, which is considered relatively difficult to understand by many, such as reactive power and transistor operation, includes analogies with some concrete physical systems. In this regard, some comparisons are made in the book for the first time ever.

Contents Of The Book :

Chapter 1 Energy and Electricity
Chapter 2 Basic Mathematics and Systems of Measurement Units
Chapter 3 Atomic Structure of Materials
Chapter 4 DC and AC Electricity
Chapter 5 Voltage, Current, and Power
Chapter 6 DC Circuits Relationships
Chapter 7 DC Motors and Generators
Chapter 8 AC Circuits Relationships
Chapter 9 Three-Phase Systems
Chapter 10 Transformers
Chapter 11 AC Motors and Generators

Information Of The Book :

File Name : Electricity and Electronics for Renewable Energy Technology
File Size : 52 MB
Page : 804
Language : English
By : Ahmad Hemami