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Grounds for Grounding a Circuit-To-System Handbook Download PDF

Grounds for Grounding a Circuit-To-System Handbook by Elya B. Joffe and Kai-Sang Lock
Grounds for Grounding a Circuit-To-System Handbook Download PDF
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Grounds for Grounding a Circuit-To-System Handbook by Elya B. Joffe and Kai-Sang Lock
Grounds for Grounding a Circuit-To-System Handbook by Elya B. Joffe and Kai-Sang Lock

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The high place which we assign to Faraday in electromagnetic science may appear to some inconsistent with the fact that electromagnetic science is an exact science, and that in some of its branches it had already assumed a mathematical form before the time of Faraday, whereas Faraday was not a professed mathematician, and in his writings we find none of these integrations of differential equations which are supposed to be the very essence of exact science. Open Poisson and Ampere, who went before him, and you will find their pages full of symbols, not one of which Faraday would have understood. It is admitted that Faraday made some great discoveries, but if we put these aside, how can we rank his scientific method so high without disparaging the mathematics of these eminent men?
It is true that no man can essentially cultivate any exact science without understanding This book would have never come to be a reality had it not been for two special persons in my professional career. 
Without their guidance and mentorship, I would have never been able to attain the knowledge and experience in my profession. Both are not only good friends of mine but also of each other.
First, John (Jack) Moe, who initially introduced me to this magical discipline of EMC and with limitless patience, through “on-job training,” revealed to me the very basics of EMC. The very first book I owned on EMC was presented to me by Jack. I have retained and value his hand-written sketches and notes explaining cable shield grounding.the mathematics of that science. But we are not to suppose that the calculations and equations which mathematicians find so useful constitute the whole of mathematics. The calculus is but a part of mathematics
The geometry of position is an example of mathematical science established without the aid of a single calculation. Now Faraday’s lines of force occupy the same position in electromagnetic science that pencils of lines do in the geometry of position. They furnish  method of building up an exact mental image of the thing we are reasoning about. The way in which Faraday made use of his idea of lines of force in coordinating the phenomena of the magnetoelectric induction shows him to have been in reality a mathematician of a very high order—one from whom the mathematicians of the future may derive valuable and fertile methods.  [W]e are probably ignorant even of the name of science which will be developed out of the materials we are now collecting, when the great philosopher after Faraday makes
his appearance.

Contents Of The Book :

Chapter 1 : Overview
Chapter 2 : Fundamental Concepts
Chapter 3 : The Grounds for Grounding
Chapter 4 : Fundamentals of Grounding Design
Chapter 5 : Bonding Principles
Chapter 6 : Grounding for Power Distribution and Lightning Protection system
Chapter 7 : Grounding in Wiring Circuits and Cable Shields
Chapter 8 : Grounding of EMI Terminal Protection Devices
Chapter 9 : Grounding on Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)
Chapter 10 : Integrated Facility and Platform Grounding System

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File Name :Grounds for Grounding a Circuit-To-System Handbook 
language : English
Page :  1089
File Size : 28.5  MB
By :   Elya B. Joffe and Kai-Sang Lock