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Introduction to Electrical Circuit Analysis Download PDF

Introduction to Electrical Circuit Analysis by Ozgur Ergul
Introduction to Electrical Circuit Analysis Download PDF
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Introduction to Electrical Circuit Analysis PDF
Introduction to Electrical Circuit Analysis Download PDF

About Of The Book :

 This is intended as an introductory book, mainly designed for college and university students who may have different backgrounds and, for whatever reason, need to learn about circuits for the first time. It mainly focuses on a few essential components of electrical components, namely,
• independent voltage and current sources,
• dependent sources (as closed components, not details),
• capacitors, and
• inductors.
On the other hand, transistors, diodes, OP-AMPs, and similar popular and inevitable components of modern circuits, which are fixed topics (and even starting points) in many circuit books, are not detailed. The aim of this book is not to teach electrical circuits, but rather to teach how to analyze them. From this perspective, the components listed above provide the required combinations and possibilities to cover the fundamental techniques, namely,
• Ohm’s and Kirchhoff’s laws,
• nodal analysis,
• mesh analysis,
• the black-box approach and Thévenin/Norton equivalent circuits.
This book covers methods of analysis for both DC and AC states in transient and static states. In short, the technology covered in this book is well established. Methods and methods of analysis, in addition to the components mentioned above, have been known for decades. However, basic methods and components must be known in sufficient depth to understand how electrical circuits operate, including the latest devices and their components. Many books in this field are dominated by an increasing number of new electrical and electronic components and their own principles of operation, while basic technologies are pressed into
Descriptions are brief and limited to a few examples. Therefore, the purpose of this book is to provide sufficient basic discussion and practical exercises (with solutions in the back of the book) before diving into modern circles with higher level characterization.

Contents Of The Book :

Basic Tools: Kirchhoff’s Laws
Analysis of Resistive Networks: Nodal Analysis
Analysis of Resistive Networks: Mesh Analysis 
Black-Box Concept
Transient Analysis
Steady-State Analysis of Time-Harmonic Circuits
Selected Components of Modern Circuits
Practical Technologies in Modern Circuits
Next Steps
 Photographs of Some Circuit Elements

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File Name :Introduction to Electrical Circuit Analysis 
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By :   Ozgur Ergul