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smart oled led lcd tv repair tips V6.0 Download PDF

Smart oled led lcd tv repair tips 6.0 Download PDF
Smart oled led lcd tv repair tips 
Picture Of The Book :

Smart oled led lcd tv repair tips Download PDF

About Of The Book :

If you’re a TV Repairer, you will know this time lots of the “Smart TV” are coming to repair now. Nowadays, this type of smart tv using "built-in" Good news to the TV repairer, an ebook will revealed all the Smart TV repairing information that help to you easily to repair the TV. This new ebook called: “6.0-Smart OLED/LED/LCD TV Repair Tips” and this ebook is Pre-Launch now!
1) Yes, this repair guide not only can save you time and money, it also can earn 
more profit from repairing Smart OLED/LED or LCD TV. Because of 
LCD/LED TV has lots of the market now. And many of them are starting occur 
the problem now. If we can repair it, so the profit is quite high to earn.
2) Inside this repair guide, I will NOT or I will seldom to provide the repair case 
about the failure of “Bulged” or “Bad ESR” values of Electrolytic Capacitor/s. 
As a TV repairer it is a very first step to see and measure the PCB boards inside 
the TV. Because it is a very basic things as a repairer need to know or know 
how to measure it. I highly recommend using the Blue ESR tester to testing 
electrolytic capacitor. 
3) You can choose the chapter you’re interesting to read. For example, you want 
to know learn the new 6-pin SMD power IC equivalent, you can directly go to 
that chapter and reading it. 
4) Actually, all the LED/LCD TV their structure is nearly same. So, we can 
learn the LED/LCD TV repairing information from other brands of TV.
5) I like to use the LED Strip instead of LED Light Bar. Both of these words are 
the same thing and same meaning. Please do not confuse.
6) All the Programmer mention in this ebook is using the RT809F or RT809H
Universal Programmer. For NAND/eMMC Flash it is using the RT809H 
Universal Programmer.
7) After you finished reading this V6.0 ebook, I believe that you can improve 
yourself and confident in repairing the Smart TV Mainboard without guessing it.
V6.0-Smart OLED/LED/LCD TV Repair Tips 10
• MSD338STV5.0 Universal TV Mainboard
• MSV59S.21 Universal Tv Mainboard
• SKR.801 Universal TV Mainboard_(SONY & SAMSUNG)
• T.R83.031 Universal TV Mainboard
• T.V56.A8 Universal TV Mainboard
• T.VST59S.81 Universal TV Mainboard
• T56J11 Universal TV Mainboard-All Resolutions
• T56U11 Universal TV MB-with China-LG-Samsung-SONY 
• TP.VST59.PA671 Universal TV Mainboard
• TP.VST59S.PB801 Universal TV Mainboard
• TP_MS338_PB801 Universal TV Mainboard
• TR85_PB816L Universal TV Mainboard
• VST56.03_Universal TV Mainboard-New2017 version
• VST56.03-PAL Universal TV Mainboard
• VST56_PB801_A20-66V-94V 600MA-45W
The reader is expressly warned to consider and adopt all safety precaution that 
might be indicated by the activities herein and to avoid all potential hazards. 
This E-Book is for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES only and the author do not 
accept any responsibilities or liabilities resulting from the use of this 
information. While every attempt has been made to verify the information 
provided here, the author cannot assume any responsibility for any loss, injury, 
errors, inaccuracies, omissions or inconvenience sustained by anyone resulting 
from this information. Most of the repair tips and solution given should only be 
carried out by suitable qualified electronics engineers/technicians. Please be 
careful as all electrical equipment is potentially dangerous when dismantled. 
Any perceived slights of policy, specific people or organizations are 

Content Of The Book :

How to Use This Repair Guide.
How to Repair TV Mainboard? Read This Chapter First Before 
You Make Decision to Replace TV Mainboard! .
• TV No Power .
• TV No Display with Front Indicator LED Lit.
• TV Cannot Start-up.
• TV No Display - the front indicator LED light is lit Green or Blue colors.
• TV No Display. If front indicator LED light blinking non-stop .
• Display Distortion Problem/Painting Display Problem or Abnormal Display Problem.
• For all the Display Abnormal problem .
• For Painting type Display problem.
• For Display Upside Down symptom .
• TV Stuck on Start-up Logo
• TV Shows Start-up Logo then Reboot, Non-Stop to Reboot.
• TV Shutdown Randomly Problem.
• TV No Sound Problem .
• HDMI Input Problem.
• And Other TV Mainboard Problem.
Learn the Skyworth 49U2 Chassis 8S26 (MSD6A918) Smart 4K 
LED TV Mainboard Circuits Diagrams.
Do You Know the Functions of These Memory IC in TV 
Mainboard: EEPROM, SPI Flash, NOR Flash, NAND Flash and eMMC? 
• For non-Smart TV Mainboard.
• For Smart TV Mainboard .
How to Programming/Upgrade the TV Mainboard the Right Way? 
When it has The Different Type of Flash Memory like SPI NOR, NAND and eMMC? 
• MSTAR: MStar 
• MTK: MediaTek.
• RTD: RealTek.
• Qualcomm .
• Hi: HiSilicon.
• AML.
How to Upgrading/Programming the Universal TV Mainboard Firmware?
How Can I Get or Find the TV Firmware?
What’s the Different of Firmware Copy/Backup from Universal 
Programmer vs Firmware Provided by the TV Manufacturer? .43 How Do I Know the Memory IC (Flash Memory) is Normal or Abnormal? 
• If Memory IC Hardware Problem.
• If Memory IC Software Problem .
How to Soldering & De-soldering the BGA Chip of eMMC, DDR 
Ram & CPU/MainChip .

Information Of The Book :

Name Of The Book : smart oled led lcd tv repair tips
type : PDF
size : 30 Mb
Language: English
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