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Audio Circuits and Projects Revised Edition Free Download PDF

Download Audio Circuits and Projects Revised Edition by Graham Bishop PDF
Audio Circuits and Projects Revised Edition by Graham Bishop PDF
Picture Of The Book :
Audio Circuits and Projects Revised Edition by Graham Bishop Free download PDF

About Of The Book :

This book is one of a series of electronics hobby books for electronics constructors at all levels. Almost 100 circuits are described with constructional details given where necessary. The circuits range from those with no integrated circuits or transistors to those with over 15 TCS: all are within the capabilities of the beginner in electronics building. The first two chapters include some theoretical introduction to the world of audio electronics, where the definitions and jargon are explained. Many hints on construction techniques are also given and the reader is well advised to read these two chapters before plunging into the circus in the rest of the book. Hints on the purchase of hi-fi equipment and components are included. The circuits of chapters 3 to 7 can be considered as individual modules which can be interlinked to form more complex circuits if desired. A preamplifier and three filters from chapter 3, a power amplifier from chapter 4, a phasing circuit and automatic fade circuit from chapter 5, a sound-to-light unit from chapter 6, and a power supply from chapter 4 together produce a fully comprehensive disco unit with far more facilities than many commercial models. The neatness of construction and observance of safety precautions are essential. Long wires and shoddy workmanship lead to poor per romance, impossible fault-finding, and a dangerous piece of equipment, particularly if mains voltages are involved. Constructors need very few tools - a good pair of miniature cutters and pliers with a set of various-sized screwdrivers are essential. A 15 or 25 W soldering iron with a small bit is required and a simple multimeter for the normal ac/dc ranges is all that is necessary. A signal generator and oscilloscope are useful but not essential - these can often be borrowed. Components come in all sizes and prices. Bulk packs of resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes, and other components are usually a bargain. Some packs are untested but are quite adequate for the circuits in this book. A diode is tested with an ohmmeter reading of about 1k in one direction and several looks in the other direction. A transistor is tested in the same way, treating the base-emitter and base-collector terminals as two diodes. Electronics construction is an enjoyable hobby and it should always remain so. It will not be frustrating and expensive if simple instructions are followed. I hope that you will get much enjoyment out of reading this book and carrying out the circuit building and testing.

Contents Of The Book :

1. Why Amplifiers?
2. Audio Amplifiers
3. Preamplifiers
4. Power Amplifiers
5. Noise and Rhythm Circuit
6. Disco Circuits
7. Music Circuits

Information Of The Book :

Title: Audio Circuits and Projects Revised Edition.
Language: English.
Size: 12,1 Mb.
Pages: 195.
Format: PDF.
Author: Graham Bishop.