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Power Electronics Devices and Circuits Second Edition PDF Free Download

Download Power Electronics Devices and Circuits Second Edition PDF 
Power Electronics Devices and Circuits Second Edition PDF
Picture Of Te Book :
Power Electronics Devices and Circuits Second Edition PDF Free Download

About Of The Book :

Rapid developments in power electronics during the last few decades have revolutionized the art
of power modulation and control. Today, power semiconductor devices and converters using these
devices can handle high voltages and currents at high speeds. Their applications in different areas
are ever increasing aided by the use of sophisticated digital systems like microcontrollers and
computers. It is felt that this ever-growing subject, power electronics, must be learned by students with
clarity and ease. It is therefore written in a simple straightforward style emphasizing the core
concepts underlying various power electronics circuits without delving deep into complex,
circuitous and mathematical elaborations. This book is expected to serve as a student-friendly text
for undergraduate students of electrical and electronics engineering. It can also be used as a
textbook for a one-semester course in power electronics.
The text begins with an introductory chapter on the area of power electronics with discussions
ranging around the characteristics and ratings of power semiconductor devices. Further, the chapter
gives a bird’s eye view of various types of converter circuits along with their major applications.
Chapter 2 details the underlying principle of operation of practical power semiconductor devices
such as power diodes, thyristors, and devices like DIAC, TRIAC, and LASCR belonging to the thyristor
family. Elaborate treatment of gate-commutated devices like GTOpower BJT, power MOSFET,
and IGBT is also presented in chapter 2. Chapters 3, 4, and 5 unlock the operating principles
of various types of converters, — ac to dc converters, ac to ac converters, and dc to dc converters
(choppers and SMPS). These chapters integrate within themselves different methods of phase,
frequency, and voltage control for achieving a high level of performance. Analysis of each class of
converter circuit is undertaken to lead to the evaluation of their performance parameters.
Chapter 6 provides in-depth coverage of all inverter types such as parallel, series,
single phase bridge type, three-phase bridge type, and current source inverters, laying emphasis on
voltage and waveform control. Power controllers and their applications form the subject matter of
Chapter 7. This chapter outlines the dc and ac drives, HVDC transmission, and uninterrupted power
supply (UPS). The last chapter relates conventional power semiconductor devices to the most
advanced integrated circuit fabrication technology. 

Contents Of The Book :

1. Introduction
2. Power Switching Devices and their Characteristics
3. AC to DC Converters
4. AC to AC Converters
5. DC to DC Converters (Choppers)
6. Inverters
7. Power Controllers: Their Applications
8. Microcontroller Based Control and Protection Circuits

Information Of The Book :

Title: Power Electronics Devices and Circuits Second Edition.
Language: English.
Size: 5.35 Mb.
Pages: 383.
Format: PDF.
Author: V.jagannathan.