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All-in-One Electronics Guide Download PDF

Download All-in-One Electronics Guide PDF
All-in-One Electronics Guide PDF
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Free Download All-in-One Electronics Guide PDF

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The semiconductor industry is a big business. The electronics industry is even bigger. The semiconductor industry alone was a US $300 billion plus industry in 2012. The long-term trend of electronics is bright and promising. With increasing use of electronic devices in consumer, commercial, and industrial products and systems, the electronics industry is always growing. If you are considering becoming an electronics engineer, this book gives you the technical skills needed to “pass” the technical parts of interviews and the confidence to increase your chances of getting employed. If you are already an electronics technician or engineer, this book improves your ability to perform at the highest level at work in the electronics field. If you want to be a microelectronics engineer or are already one, you will find the microelectronics-related contents in this book applicable to your work. If you are an educator teaching electronics, this book is the perfect reference for you and your students with step-by-step technical examples and quizzes. If you are an electronics hobbyist, this book offers sampled electronic circuits (electronic components connected with each other by wires or traces) you can apply to your design. For everyone else interested in learning about electronics, this book provides a strong foundation of what you need to know when working with electronics. The chapters are divided into various electronic principles levels, from basic to advanced, along with practical circuits and quizzes. Answers provide step-by-step explanations of how and why the answers were derived. Examples and circuits in later chapters build upon previous chapters, thus creating a consistent flow of learning and a gradual accumulation of knowledge. The level of mathematics is moderate without tedious and complicated math models and formulas. For students majoring in electrical engineering, this book is more than your typical academic electronics textbook that overwhelms you with excessive theories, formulas, and equations. Instead, the material covered in this book is easy to read, with plenty of diagrams, pictures, waveforms, and graphs, and is easy to understand. Accurately representing our non-ideal world, this book’s technical contents greatly differ from most academic textbooks’ false “ideal” perspective. The content is injected with real world quantities and characteristics. For experienced electronics professionals, educators, and hobbyists, this book affords a good reality check and comprehensive review to assist your career or your students, to better prepare for your next job interview, and to inspire your next electronics projects.

Contents Of The Book :

Chapter 1: Direct Current (DC)
Chapter 2: Diodes 
Chapter 3: Alternating Current (AC) 
Chapter 4: Analog Electronics 
Chapter 5: Digital Electronics 
Chapter 6: Communications 
Chapter 7: Microcontrollers 
Chapter 8: Programmable Logic Controllers 
Chapter 9: Mental Math  

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Title: All-in-One Electronics Guide Download PDF
Language: English.
Size: 48,8 Mb.
Pages: 464.
Format: PDF.
Author: Cammen Chan