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Circuit Analysis I Download PDF

Download Circuit Analysis I PDF
Circuit Analysis I PDF
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Circuit Analysis I Download PDF

About Of The Book :

This text is an introduction to the basic principles of electrical engineering. It is the outgrowth of
lecture notes prepared by this author while employed by the electrical engineering and computer
The book is intended for students of college grades, both community colleges, and universities. It
presumes knowledge of first-year differential and integral calculus and physics. While some
knowledge of differential equations would be helpful, but it is not necessary. Chapters 9 and
10 include step-by-step procedures for the solutions of simple differential equations used in the
derivation of the natural and forces responses. Appendices D and E provide a thorough review of
complex numbers and matrices respectively.
engineering departments as adjunct instructors at various colleges and universities. Many of the
examples and problems are based on the author’s industrial experience. The text is an expansion
of our previous publication, Circuit Analysis I with MATLAB® Applications, ISBN 9780
970951120, and this text, in addition to MATLAB scripts for problem solutions, includes
several Simulink® and SimPowerSystems® models. The pages where these models appear are
indicated n the Table of Contents.
In addition to several problems provided at the end of each chapter, this text includes multiple-choice questions to test and enhance the reader’s knowledge of this subject. Moreover, the
answers to these questions and detailed solutions to all problems are provided at the end of each
chapter. The rationale is to encourage the reader to solve all problems and check his effort for
correct solutions and appropriate steps in obtaining the correct solution. And since this text was
written to serve as a self-study, primary, or supplementary textbook, it provides the reader with a
the resource to test the reader’s knowledge.

Contents Of The Book :

1 Basic Concepts and Definitions 
2 Analysis of Simple Circuits 
3 Nodal and Mesh Equations - Circuit Theorems
4 Introduction to Operational Amplifiers
5 Inductance and Capacitance
6 Sinusoidal Circuit Analysis
7 Phasor Circuit Analysis
8 Average and RMS Values, Complex Power, and Instruments
9 Natural Response
10 Forced and Total Response in RL and RC Circuits
A Introduction to MATLAB
B Introduction to Simulink
C Introduction to SimPowerSystems
D A Review of Complex Numbers
E Matrices and Determinants

Information Of The Book :

Title: Circuit Analysis I Download PDF.
Language: English.
Size: 5.02 Mb.
Pages: 618.
Format: PDF.
Author: Steven T. Karris.