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Electronics Projects Magbook Vol 24 Download PDF

Download Electronics Projects Magbook Vol 24 PDF
Electronics Projects Magbook Vol 24 PDF
Picture Of The Book :
Electronics Projects Magbook Vol 24 Download PDF

About Of The Book :

This volume of Electronics Projects is the twenty forth in the series published by EFY Enterprises Pvt Ltd. It is a compilation of 22 construction projects and 69 circuit ideas published in ‘Electronics For You magazine in 2003. We are also including a CD with this volume, which not only contains the datasheets of major components used in construction projects but also the software source code and related files pertaining to various projects. This will enable the reader to copy these files directly onto his PC and compile/run the program as necessary, without having to prepare them again using the keyboard. In addition, the CD carries useful software, tutorials, and other goodies (refer to ‘contents’ in CD). In keeping with the past trend, all modifications, corrections, and additions sent by the readers and authors have been incorporated into the articles. Queries from readers along with the replies from authors/EFY have also been published towards the end of relevant articles. It is a sincere endeavor on our part to make each project as error-free and comprehensive as possible. However, EFY cannot resume any responsibility if readers are unable to make a circuit successfully, for whatever reason. This collection of tested circuit ideas and construction projects in a handy volume, would provide all classes of electronics enthusiasts—be they students, teachers, hobbyists, or professionals—with a valuable resource of electronic circuits, which can be fabricated using readily available and reasonably-priced components. These circuits could either be used independently or in combination with other circuits, described in this and other volumes. We are confident that this volume, like its predecessors, will generate tremendous interest amongst the readers. 

Contents Of The Book :

Section A: Construction Projects
1. Car Security System With Remote Control
2. A Tutorial On 89C51Development Kit
3. PC Based Programmer For The AT89C51 Microcontroller 
4. DTMF Remote Control System
5. Programmable Logic Controller
6. Automated Car Parking System
7. Simple 32-Bit Relay Card For PC's Parallel Port
8. Temperature Measurement using Transistor As Sensor 
9. Digital Clock With Seconds And Alarm Time Display 
10. Programmable Light Effects Generator 
11. Door-Opening Alarm With Remote Control
12. Microcontroller-Driven Data Display
13. Simple Multichannel Remote Control System
14. Microprocessor-Controlled Thermometer 
15. DTMF 8-Channel Switching Via Powerline 
16. Two-IN-One Stereo Amplifier 
17. Multi-feature Emergency Light
18. Multiple Device Switching Using PC's Parallel Port
19. Proportional Load Control Using PC 
20. Binary-To-Hexadecimal Decoder
21. Controlling A 7-Segment Display Using PC's Parallel Port
22. Economical UPS For Cordless Phones
Section B: Circuit Ideas:
1. Intelligent Water Pump Controller With Water-Level Display
2. Precison 1 Hz Clock
3. Blue Led Night Lamp With Back-UP 
4. Infrared Proximity Detector
5. Computerised Universal Timer
6. Number Guessing Game 
7. Water- Level Indicator
8. Ultra- Bright Led Lamp
9. Garage Light And Security Control
10. PWM-Based Speed Control For DC Motors
11. Led Sand-Glass Timer
12. Three Colour Display Using Bicolour Leds
13. Versatile Emergency Light Using Fluorescent Tubes 
14. Electonic Security System 
15. Clap-Based Switching For Devices 
16. Lead-Acid Battery Charger With Voltage Analyser
17. Keypad Control For Multiple Appliances
18. Wireless TV Headphone Circuit
19. Automatic Water Pump Motor Controller
20. Electric Shock Gun
21. Anti-Theft Alarm For Vehicles 
22. Multi-Switch Doorbell With Indicators
23. Song Number Display
24. Low-Range AM Radio Transmitter 
25. 0-100°C Temperature Detector
26. Precision Null Detector
27. Sound Scanner
28. Clap Switch
29. Infrared Remote Control Timer 
30. Earth Fault Protector
31. DTMF Receiver IC MT8870 Tester
32. Pulse Generator 
33. Intruder Detector Using Laser Torch
34. Simple FM Receiver
35. Parallel Telephone With Secrecy And Call Prevention 
36. PC-Driven Led Display
37. Solidstate Signal Lamp
38. False Triggering Eliminator For Timer 555
39. Transistor Tester 
40. Voltage-Based Controller For Switches
41. Burglar Alarm System.

Information Of The Book :

Title: Electronics Projects Magbook Vol 24 Download PDF
Language: English.
Size: 19,9 Mb.
Pages: 219.
Format: PDF.
Author: Ramesh Chopra.