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Electronics Projects Vol.13 Download PDF

Download Electronics Projects Vol. 13 PDF
Electronics Projects Vol. 13 PDF
Picture Of The Book :
Electronics Projects Vol.13 Download PDF

About Of The Book :

This volume of Electronics Projects is the thirteenth in the series published by EFY Enterprises Pvt Ltd. It is a compilation of 24 construction projects and 81 circuit ideas published in the ‘ Electronics For You ’ magazine in 1992. In keeping with the past trend, all modifications, corrections, and additions sent by the readers and authors have been inc:orporated into the articles. Queries from readers along with the replies from authors/EFY have also been published towards the end of relevant articles. It is a sincere endeavor on our part to make each project as error-free and comprehensive as possible. However, EFY cannot resume any responsibility if readers are unable to make a circuit successfully, for whatever reason. This collection of tested circuit ideas and construction projects in a handy volume, would provide all classes of electronics enthusiasts—be they students, teachers, hobbyists, or professionals—with a valuable resource of electronic circuits, which can be fabricated using readily available and reasonably-priced components. These circuits could either be used independently or in combination with other circuits, described in this and other volumes. We are confident that this volume, like its predecessors, will generate tremendous interest amongst the readers. 

Contents Of The Book :

Section A: Construction Projects
1 . Make Your Own Audio Cassette Copier 
2. Make Yourself this Special Two-way Intercom 
3. Full Featured Touch Control Programmable Power Supply 
4. Hit the Target an Electronic Game - 
5. Stereo Spectrograph 
6. Digital Time Switch 
7. Digital Frequency Counter 
8. Fire Sensing Systems 
9. Spectacular Spectra 
10. Clap-operated Remote Control for Fans 
11 . 8W+8W Stereo Amplifier Module 
12. Make Yourself Automatic Music Search Systems 
13. Digital Volume Control 
14. Cook Timer 
15. Variable Speed Multi-output Running Mode ‘LED’ Display 
16. CMOS Pocketable Timekeeper 
17. Electronic Number Shooting Game 
18. CMOS Digital Clock with On-off Timer 
19. 70/40 Watts Hi-Fi Amplifier 
20. The Universal Timer 
21. Automatic Voltage Stabiliser 
22. Digital Car Lock with Alarm 
23. AM/FM Radio Receiver Using BEL 
24. Electronic Switch Starter 
Section B: Circuit ideas
1 . Stereo Balance Indicator 
2. Versatile Auto-Cut Off Unit 
3. Staircase Light Switch 
4. Wireless Recording 
5. A Versatile Decibel Meter 
6. Sound Operated Musical Bell 
7. Fuzz Effect Box for Gutarists 
8. Video Distribution Amplifier 
9. Low-cost Musical Horn 
10. Ten Channel Sequential Lighting for Cars 
11 . Convertion of DMM into Frequency Counter 
12. Auto Power Off for Motor Pumps 
13. Beeper cum Visual Indicator 
14. Electronic Washing Machine Control 
15. Trangular Waveform Generator 
16. Auto Changeover from Genset to Mains Supply 
17. Transformer Test Circuit to Overcome Line Voltage Variation 
18. Automatic Gate Light 
19. Pocket Radio Using LA4510 
20. Telephone Melody Ringer 
21 . Dynamic Display 
22. Steam Whistle 
23. Programmable Timer 
24. LED Stop Watch 
25. Lie Detector 
26. Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron Station 
27. Mini Emergency Light 
28. Automatic Time Indicator for Telephone 
29. Wind Sound Generator 
30. Automatic Cut-off Power Supply 
31. Battery Charger with Overcharge and Deep-discharge Protection 
32. Electronic Ballast for Tubelight 
33. Compressor/Expander Unit (Compander) 
34. Adjustable Bipolar Voltage Regulator 
35. Hex to Binary Encoder 
36. Electronic Siren 
37. Self Switching-off Power Supply 
38. Sound Operated Timer 
39. Telephone Amplifier cum Broadcaster 
40. Quiz Display with Seven Segment Indicator 
41 . Electronic Staircase Switch 
42. Fully Automatic Induction Motor Starter 
43. Temperature Controlled Oscillator 
44. Power Back-up for Digital Clocks 
45. Analogue Frequency Meter with Over-range Indicator
46. Versatile Stroboscope 
47. In-circuit Ohmmeter (Ohmmeter for Electronic Circuits) 
48. Priority Lamp System 
49. Miniature IC Organ 
50. Quartz Watch Tester 
51 . Automatic Control for Sitout Lights 
52. Simple Power Supply Resumption Alarm 
53. 1/86400 Hz Generator 
54. Programmable Frequency Multiplier Using PLL565 
55. Auto-off for Cassette Players 
56. Electronic Charger 
57. Transistorised Warning Alarm 
58. Electronic Number Scoring Game 
59. Rain Sound Generator 
60. Double-Tune Car Reverse Horn 
61 . Traffic-Light Controller 
62. Sophisticated Ni-Cd Charger 
63. Three Bit Flash Analogue to Digital Converter 
64. Programmable Digital Timer 
65. Multi Pattern Running Light 
66. Eight-Sound Generator 
67. A Novel Display 
68. Audio Running Lights 
69. Hearing Aid 
70. Fuel Level Drop Indicator 
71 . Automatic Suction Tank Motor Control ler 
72. 1 2 Hindi Song Tunes Producer 
73. Simple Frequency Meter 1
74. 100 Rung Exclusive Counter 
75. Inexpensive Guitar Amplifier 
76. Video Transmitter 
77. Wireless Code Practice Oscillator 
78. Light and Touch-operated Music Bell 
79. Electronic Fuse 
80. Multisound Buzzer 
81 . Crystal Controlled Inverter 

Information Of The Book :

Title: Electronics Projects Vol.13 Download PDF
Language: English.
Size: 18.1 Mb.
Pages: 182.
Format: PDF.