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Make: Electronics: Learning Through Discovery Download PDF

Download Make: Electronics: Learning Through Discovery PDF
Make: Electronics: Learning Through Discovery
Picture Of The Book :
Make: Electronics: Learning Through Discovery Download PDF

About Of The Book :

This book works the other way around. I want you to dive right in and start
putting components together without necessarily knowing what to expect. As
you see what happens, you will figure out what’s going on. This is Learning by
Discovery, which I believe is more fun, more interesting, and more memorable.
Working on an exploratory basis, you run the risk of making mistakes. But I
don’t see this as a bad thing, because mistakes are a valuable way to learn. I want you to burn things out and mess things up, to see for yourself the behavior
and limitations of the parts that you are dealing with. The very low voltages used
throughout this book may damage sensitive components, but will not damage
The key requirement of Learning by Discovery is that it has to be hands-on. You
can derive some value from this book merely by reading it, but you will enjoy a
much more valuable experience if you perform the experiments yourself.
Fortunately, the tools and components that you need are inexpensive. Hobby
electronics should not cost significantly more than a recreation such as
needlepoint, and you don’t need a workshop. Everything can be done on a
Will It Be Difficult?
I assume that you’re beginning with no prior knowledge. Consequently, the first
few experiments will be extremely simple, and you won’t even use prototyping
boards or soldering iron.
I don’t believe that the concepts will be hard to understand. Of course, if you
want to study electronics more formally and do your circuit design, that can
be challenging. But in this book, I have kept theory to a minimum, and the only
math you’ll need will be addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You
may also find it helpful (but not necessary) if you can move decimal
points from one position to another
Everyone uses electronic devices, but most of us don’t really know what goes on
inside them.
You may feel that you don’t need to know. You can drive a car without
understanding the workings of an internal combustion engine, so why should
Do you learn about electricity and electronics?
I think there are three reasons:
By learning how technology works, you become better able to control your
world instead of being controlled by it. When you run into problems, you can
solve them instead of feeling frustrated by them.
Learning about electronics can be fun, so long as you approach the process in
the right way. It is also very affordable.
Knowledge of electronics can enhance your value as an employee, or perhaps
even lead to a whole new career.

Contents Of The Book :

Chapter 1. The Basics
Chapter 2. Switching
Chapter 3. Getting Somewhat More Serious
Chapter 4. Chips, Ahoy!
Chapter 5. What Next?
Chapter 6. Tools, Equipment, Components, and Supplies

Information Of The Book :

Title: Make: Electronics: Learning Through Discovery Download PDF
Language: English.
Size: 32 Mb.
Pages: 850.
Format: PDF.
Author: Charless platt.