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1-100 Transistor circuits Download PDF

Download 1-100 Transistor circuits PDF
1-100 Transistor circuits PDF
Picture Of The Book :
1-100 Transistor circuits Download PDF

About Of The Book :

This e-book contains 100 transistor circuits. The second part of this e-book will contain more 
100 colors. Many of them can be created with items from your "junk box" and hopefully you can put them together in less than an hour. 
The idea of ​​this book is to make you discover the joy of collecting things and that nothing 
more rewarding to see what works. It's amazing what you can do with small transistors and other components. And that is the beginning. Most circuits are "independent" and produce as few as five components. 
We have provided an easy way to create your own microphone by reverse engineering. and a piece of ferrite wood. A lot can be gained from transistor radios, toys, and other discarded gadgets you will find everywhere. 
To save space, we have not given a long description of how the circuit works. This has 
It's already covered in TALKING ELECTRONICS' Basic Electronics Course, which can be found at 
CD for $10.00 (shipped worldwide) See the Talking Electronics website for more information 
Details: http://www.talkingelectronics.com 
Transistor data is at the bottom of this page and a transistor tester circuit is also provided. 
There are many articles and I am sure that many circuits will be new to you, because 
I did some of them recently. Basically, there are two types of transistors: PNP and NPN. 
We named the NPN transistor BC547. This means you can use any NPN transistor, e.g 
such as 2N2222, BC108, 2N3704, BC337, and hundreds more. Some circuits use TUN for Transistor 
Universal NPN is the same as our idea - the type of transistor is just to let you know 
it's not serious. BC557 can replace 2N3906, BC327, and many others. 
Don't worry too much about the type of transistor. Just make sure it's NPN, that's the type 
is important. 
If it is an unknown type of transistor, you need to identify the wires and add them to the circuit. You have the option of building the circuit "in the air" or using a test board (without soldering 
bread) or a matrix board or even a homemade circuit board. Options are available 
but the idea is to keep the cost to a minimum - so don't buy anything too expensive. If you take parts of old equipment, it is better to weld them together "in the air" (because they 
It will not be good to put it on the board without soldering as the wires will bend too much 
In this way, they can be used repeatedly. Whatever you do, I know you'll want to hear some circuit "noise" of 
Before we begin, the work of a homemade translator and transistor tester is 
the first thing you should look at. If you are new to electronics, check out the world's easiest circuit. It shows how the transistor 
working with three Project 8 Million Gain transistors will detect microscopic levels of static 
electricity! You can search the index, but the job title doesn't give you the full details. 
description of what they do. You have to look at the circuit. And I am sure that you will do it.

The kit contains the following components:
plus extra 30 resistors and 10 capacitors for experimenting plus:
3 - 47R
5 - 220R
5 - 470R
5 - 1k
5 - 4k7
5 - 10k 
2 - 33k 
4- 100k
4 - 1M
1 - 10k mini pot
1 - 100k mini pot
2 - 10n 
2 - 100n
5 - 10u electrolytics
5- 100u electrolytics
5 - 1N4148 signal diodes
6 - BC547 transistors - NPN - 100mA
2 - BC557 transistors - PNP - 100mA
1 - BC338 transistor - NPN - 800mA
3 - BD679 Darlington transistors - NPN - 4amp
5 - red LEDs
5 - green LEDs
5 - orange LEDs
2 - super-bright WHITE LEDs - 20,000mcd
1 - 3mm or 5mm flashing LED
1 - mini 8R speaker
1 - mini piezo 
1 - LDR (Light Dependent Resistor)
1 - electret microphone
1m - 0.25mm wire 
1m - 0.5mm wire 
1 - 10mH inductor
1 - push button 
5 - tactile push buttons
1 - Experimenter Board (will take 8, 14 and 16 pin chips)
5 - mini Matrix Boards: 7 x 11 hole, 
11 x 15 hole, 6 x 40 hole, surface-mount 6 x 40 hole board or others.

Information Of The Book :

Title: 1-100 Transistor circuits Download PDF
Language: English.
Size: 3,34 MB
Pages: 133
Year : 2015
Format: PDF