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Analog Electronics Circuit Download PDF

Download Analog Electronics Circuit PDF
Analog Electronics Circuit PDF
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Download Analog Electronics Circuit PDF

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Analog Electronics Circuit 
DC biasing of BJTs: Load lines, Operating Point, Fixed bias and Voltage-divider bias. DC 
bias with
voltage feedback, Bias stabilization, Design of bias.
Small Signals Modeling of BJT and their analysis: The r transistor model, Hybrid model, 
determination of h-parameters, Low frequency small signal analysis of CE, CC and CB 
configurations without
DC Biasing of FETs: Fixed bias, Self bias and Voltage divider bias Configuration, Design 
of bias. Small
Signal Modeling and Analysis of FETs: Small Signal Model, Analysis of JFET C-S and CD configuration.
System Approach-Effects of RS and RL: Two port system, Individual and combined effects 
of RS and RL
on CE, Emitter follower and C-S networks.
BJT and JFET Frequency Response: General frequency considerations, Low frequency 
analysis of R-C
combination in single stage BJT or FET amplifier- Bode Plot, Lower Cut off frequency for 
the system, Low
frequency response of BJT and FET amplifiers, Miller Effect Capacitance, High frequency 
modeling of BJT
and FET, High frequency analysis of BJT and FET amplifiers-Bode plot, Square Wave 
testing of amplifiers.
Compound Configurations: Cascade, Cascode and Darlington connections, C-MOS 
Circuits, Current
Source Circuits
Feedback and Oscillator Circuit: Feedback concept, Type of feedback circuits, Practical 
circuit, Analysis of voltage series feedback type amplifier, Effects of negative feedback, 
Positive feedback,
Barkhausen Criterion of oscillation, Oscillator operation, R-C phase shift oscillator, Wien 
bridge Oscillator,
Crystal Oscillator, Hartley & Collpit circuits.
Operational Amplifiers: Equivalent Circuit of OP-AMP circuits, Input impedance, OPAMP
Specifications, DC offset parameters, frequency parameters, Gain-bandwidth, Differential 
and Common mode
operation, op. amp. Applications: Constant gain multiplier, Voltage summing, Integrator, 
Differentiator and
Controlled sources.
Power Amplifiers: Definition of A, B and C types, Conversion efficiency, Distortion 
analysis, Push-pull
Text Books:
1. Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory – Robert L.Boylestad and Lowis Nashelsky, 8th Edition Pearson
2. Integrated Electronics – Millman and Halkias, Mcgraw Hill
3. Microelectronic Circuits – Sedra & Smith, International Student Edition
4. Electronic Devices – Floyd, Pearson Education

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Title : Analog Electronics Circuit PDF
Language: English
Size:  9.58 MB
Pages: 217
Year : 2015
Format: PDF