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Linear Integrated Circuit 2nd Edition Download PDF

Linear Integrated Circuit 2nd Edition Download PDF
Linear Integrated Circuit 2nd Edition – D. Roy Choudhary PDF
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Linear Integrated Circuit 2nd Edition D. Roy Choudhary

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We are going through a period of micro-electronic revolution. For a common person, the role of electronics is limited to audio-visual gadgets like radio and television, but the truth is, today the growth of any industry like communication, control, instrumentation, or computer, is dependent upon electronics to a great extent. And integrated circuits are electronics. The integrated circuit or IC is a miniature, low-cost electronic circuit consisting of active and passive components that are irreparably joined together on a single crystal chip of silicon. Most of the components used in ICs are not similar to conventional components in appearance although they perform similar electrical functions. In this chapter, we describe the basic processes used in the fabrication of integrated circuits. Both bipolar and MOS fabrication are treated. These circuits naturally offer a number of distinct advantages over those made by interconnecting discrete components. These may be listed as follows: 1. Miniaturization and hence increased equipment density 2. Cost reduction due to batch processing 3. Increased system reliability due to the elimination of soldered joints 4. Improved functional performance (as it is possible to fabricate even complex circuits for better characteristics) 5. Matched devices 6. Increased operating speeds (due to the absence of parasitic capacitance effect) 7. Reduction power in consumption.

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Pre/ace to the conduct Edition Preface to the First Edition 
1. Integrated Circuit Fabrication LI Introduction  
1.2 Classification  
1.3 IC Chip Site and Circuit Complexity  
1.4 Fundamentals of Monolithic IC Technology 
1.5 Basic Planar Processes 
1.6 Fabrication of a Typical Circuit 
1.7 Active and Passive Components of ICs  
1.8 Fabrication of FET  
1.9 Thin and Thick Film Technology  
1.10 Technology Trends 
2. Operational Amplifier 
2.1 Introduction  
2.2 Basic Information of Op-Amp  
2.3 The Ideal Operational Amplifier  
2.4 Operational Amplifier Internal Circuit  
2.5 Examples of IC Op-amps 
2.6 FET Operational Amplifier   Problems  Computer Analysis  
3. Operational Amplifier Characteristics 
3.1 Introduction 
3.2 DC Characteristics 
3.3 AC Characteristics 
3.4 Analysis of Data Sheets of an Op-amp Problems 
4. Operational Amplifier Applications 
4 1 Introduction  
4.2 Basic Op•Amp Applications 
4. o instrumentation Amplifier ins 
4.4 AC Amplifier  
4.5 V to I and I to V Converter  
4.6 Op-Amp Circuits Using Diodes  
4.7 Sample and Hold Circuit 
4.8 Log and Antilog Amplifier  
4.9 Multiplier and Divider  
4,10 Differentiator 
4.11 Integrator 
4.12 Electronic analog computation 
4.13 Monolithic power amplifiers 
4.14 Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA) 210 Problems 
5. Comparators and Waveform Generators  
51 Introduction 
5.2 Comparator 2
5.3 Regenerative Comparator (Schmitt Trigger) 
5.4 Square Wave Generator (Astable Multivibrator) 
5.5 Monostable Multivibrator 
5.6 Triangular Wave Generator 
5.7 Sine Wave Generators 
6. Voltage Regulator 
6.1 Introduction 
 6.2 Series Op-Amp Regulator 
6.3 IC Voltage Regulators 
6.4 723 General Purpose Regulator 
6.5 Switching Regulator 
7. Active Filters 

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Title: Linear Integrated Circuit 2nd Edition Download PDF
Language: English.
Size: 9,37 Mb.
Pages: 440
Format: PDF.
Author:  D. Roy Choudhary