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PIC Basic Projects: 30 Projects using PIC Basic and PIC Basic Pro Download PDF

Download PIC Basic Projects: 30 Projects using PIC Basic and PIC Basic Pro PDF
PIC Basic Projects: 30 Projects using PIC Basic and PIC Basic Pro PDF
Picture Of The Book :
PIC Basic Projects: 30 Projects using PIC Basic and PIC Basic Pro

About Of The Book :

This book is about programming microcontrollers using high-level programming languages. The PIC family of 
Microcontrollers are selected as the target microcontroller. PIC is now one of the most popular 
microcontrollers used by many engineers, technicians, students, and hobbyists. PIC microcontrollers are manufactured in different shapes and complexities. These microcontrollers 
put RISC (reduced instruction set computer) to work and there is only a small set 
of instructions that the user will learn. In addition, the power consumption of PIC microcontrollers is 
very low and this is one of the factors that make these microcontrollers popular in laptops' 
mobile application. In this book, the PicBasic and PicBasic Pro languages ​​are used to program PIC microcontrollers.
BASIC is one of the oldest and most popular high-level programming languages. Two picBasic 
and PicBasic Pro is developed by MicroEngineering Labs Inc. PicBasic is a low-cost package and is aimed at the lower end of the market, mainly for students and the entertainment market. Microcontrollers are single-chip computers that contain a processor (central processing unit), data and 
program memory, serial and parallel I/O (input/output), timers, and external and internal external, 
all integrated into one chip and can be purchased for about $2.00. Microcontrollers are 
smart electronics used to control and monitor devices in the real world. Today, microcontrollers are used in many commercial and industrial applications. About 40% of the microcontroller 
The application is in industrial automation, such as PC, laser printers, fax machines, smartphones, etc. About one-third of microcontrollers are found in consumer electronics. 
goods. Products such as CD players, hi-f equipment, video games, washing machines, and cookers fit into this category. Telecommunication market, automobile market, and military sector 
other parts of the application.
Microcontrollers are programmable devices. A program is a set of instructions that informs people's 
microcontrollers what to do. Microcontrollers are designed using the low-level assembly language of target processors. This is a guide to 
the type of mnemonics. A major drawback of assembly language is that microcontrollers which 
different developers have different assembly languages ​​forcing the user to learn a new  
language each time a new configuration is selected. Assembly language is also difficult to use, 
especially when developing, testing, and maintaining complex projects. The solution to 
The problem is programming microcontrollers using high-level languages. Advanced languages ​​have instructions that are easier to understand and more useful. This process is happening 
because programs are more readable and portable. A high-level language can be used 
to configure different types of the microcontroller. Testing and maintenance of microcontrollers 
Projects are also easier when advanced languages ​​are used. 
PicBasic Pro is more expensive and it is a sophisticated professional compiler with many extra features. This compiler is aimed at engineers and other professional users of PIC microcontrollers.
This book will help technicians, engineers, and those who chose electronics as a hobby. No previous experience with microcontrollers is assumed, and the PIC family of microcontrollers is introduced in detail. The book is practical and is supplied with many working hardware projects where the reader can experiment easily using a simple breadboard-type experiment kit and a few components.
The circuit diagram, flow diagram, and code for each project are given and explained in detail.
Chapter 1 provides a review of the basic architecture of microcontrollers. Various microcontroller
concepts are described in this chapter.
Chapter 2 is about the common features of PIC microcontrollers and describes in detail the architecture of various types of commonly used PIC microcontrollers and their use in electronic devices.
Microcontroller-based system development requires both hardware and software development
Chapter 3 describes the various commercially available PIC microcontroller development
tools and gives a brief overview of how they can be used in project development.
PicBasic and PicBasic Pro languages are discussed in detail in Chapter 4. A brief description of
each statement is given with an example.
Finally, in Chapter 5, many tested and working projects are given. These projects are organized in
increasing complexity and the reader is recommended to follow this chapter in the given order.

Contents Of The Book :

1 Microcontroller systems
2 The PIC microcontroller family
3 PIC microcontroller project development
4 PicBasic and PicBasic Pro programming
5 PicBasic and PicBasic Pro projects

Information Of The Book :

Title: PIC Basic Projects: 30 Projects using PIC Basic and PIC Basic Pro Download PDF
Language: English.
Size: 6,74 MB
Pages: 378
Year : 2006
Format: PDF.
Author:  Dogan Ibrahim