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Textbook of Engineering Drawing Download PDF

Download Textbook of Engineering Drawing PDF
Textbook of Engineering Drawing PDF
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Textbook of Engineering Drawing Download PDF

About Of The Book :

 Engineering Drawing Manual PDF Download A schematic is a two-dimensional board of three-dimensional elements. In general, it provides the required information about the shape, size, surface, properties, treatment, etc., of the object. It is a graphical language that a mature person can visualize.
 These plans can be used in any country and country, regardless of the language spoken. Therefore, drawing can be called the common language of engineers. Any language will eventually become a communication, will follow certain rules to convey the same thing to everyone. In the same way, the act of drawing must follow certain principles, if it gives as a means of 
Communication. For this purpose, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has revised the international requirements and code of practice for graphics. Other international specifications are: UK DIN, UK BS and American ANSI.
 The ability to read pictures Cheap Lasix http://www.canadianpharmacy365.net/ online is the most important skill of all technicians in any job. Compared to oral or written explanations, this method is more concise and clear. Some 
applications are: building drawings for civil engineers, mechanical access for mechanical engineers, 
circuit diagrams for electrical and electronics engineers, pc diagrams for 1 and all. This subject is generally designed to provide these skills.
1. Ability to analyze and prepare process sketches.
2. The possibility of free drawing - by hand.
3. Ability to think, analyze and communicate, and 
4. Ability to understand some other subjects 
Until recently, the drawing boards used were softwoods of about 25mm thickness. 
working node for T-square. Nowadays, small drawers are used instead of T-brackets 
can be applied to any board. The standard form of the table depends on the size of the part of the drawing 
even better.

Contents Of The Book :

CHAPTER-1 Drawing Instruments and Accessories
CHAPTER- 2 Lettering and Dimensioning Practices
CHAPTER- 3 Scales
CHAPTER-4 Geometrical Constructions  
CHAPTER- 5 Orthographic Projections
CHAPTER - 6 Projection of Solids
CHAPTER-7 Development of Surfaces
CHAPTER 8 I ntersection of Surfaces
CHAPTER-9 Isometric Projection
CHAPTER-10 Oblique and Persepctive Projections
CHAPTER-11Conversion of Isometric Views to Orthographic Views and Vice Versa
CHAPTER-12 Sections of Solids 
CHAPTER-13 Freehand Sketching 
CHAPTER-14 Computer Aided Design and  Drawing (CADD)

Information Of The Book :

Title: Textbook of Engineering Drawing Download PDF
Language: English.
Size: 7 MB
Pages: 377
Year : 2010
Format: PDF