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Basic Electronics, Volumes 1-5 Download PDF

Basic Electronics, Volumes 1-5 Download PDF
Basic Electronics, Volumes 1-5.PDF
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Basic Electronics, Volumes 1-5 Download PDF

About Of The Book :

The texts of the entire Basic Electricity and Basic Electronics courses, as currently taught at Navy specialty schools, have now been released by the Navy for civilian use. This educational program has been an unqualified success. Since April 1953, when it was first installed, over 25,000 Navy trainees have benefited from this instruction and the results have been outstanding.
The unique simplification of an ordinarily complex subject, the exceptional clarity of illustrations and text, and the plan of pre-sending one basic concept at a time, without involving complicated mathematics, all combine in making this course a better and quicker way to teach and learn basic electricity and electronics.
In releasing this material to the general public, the Navy hopes to provide the means for creating a nationwide pool of pre-trained technicians, upon whom the Armed Forces could call in times of national emergency, without the need for precious weeks and months of schooling.
Perhaps of greater importance is the Navy's hope that through the release of this course, a direct contribution will be made toward increasing the technical knowledge of men and women throughout the country, as a step in making and keeping America strong.

Contents Of The Book Basic Electronics

Vol 1 Basic Electronics

Introduction to Electronics
What a Power Supply Is .
Half-Wave Rectifiers - Dry Metal Type.
Half-Wave Rectifiers -- Vacuum Tube Type
Half-Wave Rectifiers - Transformer Type
The Full-Wave Rectifier Circuit
Filter Circuits.
Voltage Regulator Circuits.
Other Types of Power Supply Circuits
Characteristics of Diode Vacuum Tubes

Vol 2 Basic Electronics

Introduction to Amplifiers
The Triode
The Triode Amplifier
The Tetrode and the Pentode.
The Single-Stage Amplifier
The Two-Stage RC Coupled Amplifier.
The Transformer-Coupled Amplifier.
The Audio Power Amplifier.
The Output Transformer.
The Push-Pull Amplifier
Microphones, Earphones and Loudspeakers

Vol 3 Basic Electronics

Video Amplifiers.
Introduction to the RF Amplifier
Tuned Circuits
A Single-Stage RF Amplifier
The Two-Stage RF Amplifier
Introduction to Oscillators
The Armstrong and Hartley Oscillators (includes Colpitts)
The Tuned-Plate Tuned-Grid and Crystal Oscillators
The Electron-Coupled Oscillator
Miscellaneous Oscillators

Vol 4 Basic electronics

What a Transmitter Is..
Class C Amplifiers
A Three Stage Transmitter
Frequency Multipliers
Transmission Lines
CW Transmission
Amplitude Modulation.

Vol 5 Basic electronics

Introduction to Receivers.
Receiver Antennas
TRF Receivers - RF Amplifier Stage
TRF Receivers - Audio Amplifier Stage
TRF Receivers - Regenerative Detector.
TRF Receivers - Plate Detector
The Superheterodyne Receiver .
Troubleshooting the Superheterodyne Receiver
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Title:  Basic Electronics, Volumes 1-5 Download PDF
Language: English.
Size: 27 Mb
Pages: 570
Year : 2008
Format: PDF