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Beginning Analog Electronics Through Projects Download PDF

Download Beginning Analog Electronics Through Projects PDF
Beginning Analog Electronics Through Projects Download PDF
Picture Of The Book :
Download Beginning Analog Electronics Through Projects PDF

About Of The Book :

This book is divided into two main sections: The first part (Chapters 1 through 16) covers some of the basic descriptions and theory of electronic components, and the second part (Chapters 17 and 18) provides detailed instructions for constructing 12 simple electronic projects. The initial section deals exclusively with only the types of components that are later used in the projects. The beginner in electronics is often handicapped by exposure to far too many subject areas, even at the elementary level. Thus textbooks traditionally have the habit, in the interest of completeness, of covering so many subject topics that, more often than not, the beginner is left confused. I speak from experience, remembering my start in electronics! This book, therefore, takes a different approach in that only the components and theories that are of use and relevance to the chapter on project construction will be covered. The aim here is to make the beginner comfortable with a limited range of components and circuit theory, rather than being confused over a wider range of topics. The emphasis in this book is focused on the practical aspects of electronics. Through the construction of the projects and a developed understanding of the theory behind the components and techniques, I hope you will gain a better appreciation of the subject and perhaps be encouraged to pursue electronics even further. When I started in electronics as a hobby, I experienced a tremendous shortage of good, practical books on the subject. Those few that were available were either too theoretical (most of them), described circuits that had components that were impossible to obtain, or were far too difficult to understand, let alone build. Many beginners take on projects that are far too complex and become discouraged when the circuit fails to work; however, by focusing here on simpler circuits, to begin with, the chances of success are much higher, especially given the abundance of clear instructions given. All of the electronic components and basic electronic techniques described in these early chapters will be put to good use later in building the 12 xi construction projects. It will be extremely beneficial for you to work through these early chapters carefully, making sure you understand things as you progress. No matter how complex electronic circuits are, they can always be broken down into simpler parts that are easier to understand. Although many more different components exist than the types listed here, from a beginner’s point of view we are limiting the description to just those components that you will encounter in the construction projects. We will go through just as much theory as is needed to cover the construction projects. In short, everything that follows is relevant.
Much has transpired between the release of my first edition of Beginning
Electronics Through Projects, published in 1997, and this second edition,
Beginning Analog Electronics Through Projects. For the most part, I’ve been
busy developing several new books, including Practical Audio Amplifier Circuit
Projects and Beginning Digital Electronics Through Projects. You’ll find many
significant differences between the first edition of this book and the current
edition, many of which you’ll need to know to proceed with the projects. Please
refer to the introduction for a list of the key changes.
There will no doubt always be a succession of new-generation enthusiasts
embarking on their first introduction to electronics (be it for fun or work),
and on the lookout for easy-to-understand introductory books on the subject.
For those beginner enthusiasts and hobbyists, my books are suited to your
Have fun building the projects and, at the same time, increasing your
working knowledge of electronics

Contents Of The Book :

1 Overview of Analog and Digital 
Electronics 1
2 Resistors 7
3 Potentiometers 11
4 Multimeters 13
5 Ohm’s Law 15
6 Light-Emitting Diodes 17
7 Switches 19
8 Capacitors 21
9 Integrated Circuits 23
10 Tools 25
11 Soldering 27
12 Basic Electronics Theory 29
13 Reading Schematics 31
14 Assembly Techniques 33
15 Handling Components 37
16 The SINGMIN PCB Circuit Assembly 
Board 39
17 Construction Details for 10 Simple 
Projects 43
Project #1: Fixed Low-Frequency LED Flasher 43
Project #2: Variable Low-Frequency LED Flasher/Driver 52
Project #3: Fixed Low-Gain Audio Power Amplifier 59
Project #4: Fixed-Frequency Audio Tone Generator 65
Project #5: Variable-Gain Audio Power Amplifier 71
Project #6: Fixed-Gain Audio Preamplifier 77
Project #7: Guitar Headphone Amplifier 83
Project #8: Visual Electronic Metronome 89
Project #9: Variable-Gain, Hi/Lo Response Audio Preamplifier 94
Project #10: Dual-Gain Electret Microphone Audio 
Preamplifier 101
18 Troubleshooting Test Equipment 109
Project #11: Signal Injector 109
Project #12: Signal Monitor 114

Information Of The Book :

Title: Beginning Analog Electronics Through Projects Download PDF
Language: English.
Size: 1,11 Mb
Pages: 140
Year : 2001
Format: PDF
Author:  Simon Monk