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Electronic Circuits Handbook for Design and Application Download PDF

Download Electronic Circuits: Handbook for Design and Application PDF
Electronic Circuits: Handbook for Design and Application PDF
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Electronic Circuits Handbook for Design and Application Download PDF

About Of The Book :

Electronic Circuits Handbook for Design and Application The purpose of this book is to help the reader to understand off-the-shelf circuits and to enable him to design his or her own circuitry. The book is written for students, practicing engineers, and scientists. It covers all major aspects of analog and digital circuit design. The book is a translation of the current 12th edition of the German bestseller HalbleiterSchaltungstechnik. 
Part I describes semiconductor devices and their behavior with respect to the models used in circuit simulation. This part introduces all major aspects of transistor-level design (IC design). Basic circuits are analyzed in five steps: large-signal transfer characteristic, small-signal response, frequency response, bandwidth, noise, and distortion. Digital circuits are covered starting with the internal circuitry of gates and flip-flop up to the construction of combinatorial and sequential logic systems with PLDs and FPGAs. Design examples and a short form guide for the digital synthesis tool ispLever are included on the CD enclosed.
 Part II is dedicated to board-level design. The main chapters of this part describe the use of operational amplifiers for signal conditioning including signal amplification, filtering, and AD conversion. Further chapters cover power amplifiers, power supplies, and other important functional blocks of analog systems. The chapters are self-contained with a minimum of cross-reference. This allows the advanced reader to familiarize himself quickly with the various areas of applications. Each chapter offers a detailed overview of various solutions to a given requirement. In order to enable the reader to proceed quickly from an idea to a working circuit, we discuss only those solutions we have tested thoroughly by simulation. Many of these simulation examples are included on the CD enclosed.
 Part III describes circuits for analog and digital communication over wireless channels. The first chapter is dedicated to transmission channels, scattering parameters, and analog and digital modulations. Further chapters treat the architecture of transmitters and receivers, the high-frequency behavior of components, circuits for impedance matching, high-frequency amplifiers, and mixers for frequency conversion. To support analog circuit design, design examples and a short-form guide for the well-known circuit simulator PSpice are included on the CD. This package contains libraries with examples of scalable transistors for IC-like design. The library also supports S-parameter and loop-gain simulations. An HTML-based index allows comfortable navigation throughout the simulations. Our homepage www.tietze-schenk.com offers updates, supplements, and design examples. We encourage you to use our email address mail@tietze-schenk.com for feedback and comments. We would like to thank Dr. Merkle at Springer Heidelberg for the administration, Gerhard Büsching for the translation, and Danny Lewis at PTP-Berlin for the assembly of this book. In particular, we like to thank Dr. Eberhard Gamm for their contribution to the first four chapters of circuit design fundamentals in part I and the chapters of communications in part III. We have added him as a young innovative author.

Contents Of The Book :

Part I. Device Models and Basic Circuits
1. Diodes
2. Bipolar Transistors
3. Field Effect Transistors
4. Amplifiers
5. Operational Amplifiers
6. Latching Circuits
7. Logic Families
8. Combinatorial Circuits
9. Sequential Logic Systems
10. Semiconductor Memories
Part II. General Applications
11. Operational Amplifier Applications
12. Controlled Sources and Impedance Converters
13. Active Filters
14. Signal Generators
15. Power Amplifiers
16. Power Supplies
17. Analog Switches and Sample-and-Hold Circuits
18. Digital-Analog and Analog-Digital Converters
19. Digital Filters
20. Measurement Circuits
21. Sensors and Measurement Systems
22. Electronic Controllers
23. Optoelectronic Components
Part III. Communication Circuits
24. Basics
25. Transmitters and Receivers
26. Passive Components
27. High-Frequency Amplifiers
28. Mixers
29. Appendix

Information Of The Book :

Title: Electronic Circuits Handbook for Design and Application PDF
Language: English.
Size: 17 MB
Pages: 1544
Year: 2008
Format: PDF