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Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits Download PDF

Download Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits PDF
Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits PDF
Picture Of The Book :
Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits Download PDF

About Of The Book :

Volume 4 of Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits contains many new, not previously covered circuits, organized into 104 chapters. Circuit titles are listed at the beginning of each chapter, for reference. Most of these circuits appeared in publications since 1988 and should be very useful for obtaining new ideas for research and development, or simply to fill a need for a specific circuit idea or application. Those wishing to develop their own circuits will find this book indispensable as a source of ideas, to see how others have solved a problem or approached a design, and to obtain a starting point toward a new design.
A brief explanation accompanies almost every entry. Those that have been omitted are either repetitive, obvious, or too involved to describe in a few words. In this case, the reader should consult the original sources (as listed on the back of the book).
We also wish to extend our sincere thanks to Ms. Loretta Gonsalves for her fine work as the word processor. Her skill and cooperation contributed much to the successful completion of this book.

Contents Of The Book :

1 Active Antennas
2 Analog-to-Digital Converter 3 Annunciators
4 Antenna Circuits
5 Audio Effects Circuits 6 Audio Scramblers
7 Audio Power Amplifiers
8 Audio Signal Amplifiers
9 Automotive Instrumentation Circuits 
10 Automotive Security Circuits 
11 Automotive Light Circuits
12 Automotive Electronic Circuits 
13 Battery Chargers
14 Battery Monitors
15 Bridge Circuits 
16 Burglar Alarms 
17 Buffers
18 Carrier-Current Circuits
19 Compressor/Expander Circuits 
20 Computer-Related 
21 Circuits Converters
22 Crystal Oscillators
23 Data Circuits
24 Detectors
25 Direction Finders
26 Dividers
27 Driver Circuits
28 Electronic Locks
29 Field-Strength Meters
30 Filter Circuits
31 Flashers and Blinkers
32 Fluid and Moisture Detectors
33 Frequency-to-Voltage Converters
34 Function Generators
35 Games
36 Ground-Fault Hall Detector
37 Indicators
38 Infrared Circuits
39 Instrumentation Amplifiers
40 Intercom
41 Interface Circuits
42 Keying Circuits
43 Light-Control Circuits
44 Limiter
45 Mathematical Circuits
46 Measuring and Test Circuits
47 Measuring and Test Circuits (E, I, and R)
48 Measuring and Test Circuits (High-Frequency and RF)
49 Measuring and Test Circuits (Sound)
50 Metronomes
51 Microwave Amplifier Circuits
52 Miscellaneous Treasures
53 Mixers
54 Model and Hobby Circuits
55 Motion and Proximity Detectors 
56 Motor Control Circuits
57 Noise-Reduction Circuits
58 Operational-Amplifier Circuits 
59 Optical Circuits
60 Oscillators
61 Photography-Related Circuits
62 Power-Control Circuits 
63 Power Supplies (Fixed)
64 Power Supplies (High-Voltage) 
65 Power Supplies (Variable)
66 Power-Supply Monitors
67 Probes
68 Pulse Circuits
69 Radar Detectors
70 Ramp and Staircase Generators
71 Receivers
72 Receiving Circuits
73 Regulator Circuits
74 Regulators (Variable)
75 Relay Circuits
76 RF Amplifiers
77 RF Converters
78 Sample-and-Hold Circuit
79 Sine-Wave Oscillators
80 Sirens, Warblers, Wailers, and Whoopers
81 Sound Effects
82 Sound-Operated Circuits 
83 Square-Wave Generators
84 Switching Circuits 
85 Tape Recorder Circuits 
86 Telephone-Related Circuits 
87 Temperature Circuits 
88 Temperature Sensors
89 Thermometer Circuits
90 Timers
91 Tone-Control Circuits
92 Touch Controls
93 Transmitters and Transceivers
94 Ultrasonic Circuits
95 Video Circuits
96 Video-Switching Circuits
97 Voice-Operated Circuits 
98 Voltage-Controlled Oscillators 
99 Voltage Multiplier Circuits
100 Voltage-to-Frequency Converters
101 Volume/Level-Control Circuit
102 Wave-Shaping Circuits
103 Wireless Microphones
104 Window Circuits

Information Of The Book :

Title: Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits Download PDF
Size: 23,32 Mb
Pages: 744
Year : 2003
Format: PDF