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The Practical Electronics and microelectronics Download PDF

The Practical Electronics and microelectronics PDF Book Free
The Practical Electronics and microelectronics Download PDF
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The Practical Electronics and microelectronics

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Electronics is the field of engineering, physics, and technology that deals with electrical circuits including electronic devices such as vacuum tubes, transistors, diodes, integrated circuits, and connection technology.
Today, it is no secret that today's civilization depends on the industrial sector, one of the most important industries is the production of electronic equipment. To continue in this field, it is important to know this science and study its foundations.
 In this e-book download, we put in your hands a collection of free English books to download on electronics in all its areas, starting from the basics of electronics and electricity, to how to draw electrical diagrams. and electronic graphics, top. electronic drawing by computer, for power electronics, digital and linear circuits, and integrated circuits to learn the repair of all types of electronic devices…. Finally, the purpose of what we expect from the download of these books and electronic devices is that these books and electronic devices will be the cornerstone in building a generation that has scientific weapons that will be the right base for the progress of our country at the highest level.
Electronics is part of a larger field, that of electricity. Electricity has two important components: 1- electric current and 2- electric voltage. Electric current is the flow of electric charge, while electric voltage is the type of "pressure" (or force) that causes the charge to move in one direction. One of the most common uses of electricity is to provide homes and businesses with energy to provide heat and heat and to run motors.
 Electronic circuits use current and voltage to carry electrical signals. An electrical signal is an axis of electric current (or voltage) of some kind to represent information. They can represent sounds, images, numbers, letters, computer instructions, or other information. These symbols can be used to read objects, measure temperature and time, and detect radioactive chemicals.
 Electronics rely on some special components, such as transistors and integrated circuits, which are part of almost all electronic components. The value of such devices lies in their ability to process signals quickly. Some parts can respond to signals millions of times per second. The field of microelectronics deals with the design and manufacture of microcomponents, especially integrated circuits, and electronic devices that use such components. Designers can create millions of electronic components in what is called a chip, no bigger than a fingernail. The field of electronic equipment has developed and expanded greatly, and the old definition is no longer enough, and what is new today becomes old tomorrow due to the rapid development of this field, which has invaded all aspects of life, and electronic equipment. such as television, radio, and telephone, as well as devices that control other mechanical functions such as windmills, electric generators, airplanes, airplanes, and weapons, the backbone of life in the modern world.
Two dsPIC33C Devices on a Single Chip
Design Separately, Integrate Seamlessly Using dsPIC33CH Dual-Core 
The dsPIC33CH dual-core DSCs are designed to facilitate independent code development for each core 
by separate design teams, which can subsequently be seamlessly integrated when the separate codes 
are later brought together. With the power of two dsPIC33C DSCs in a single chip, the dsPIC33CH family 
is optimized for several applications including safety-critical applications, touch control, wireless charging, 
digital power, motor control and many more. 
Key Features
• High performance with the power of two dsPIC33C DSCs in one chip
• Enables isolation of safety-critical firmware and real-time operation from rest of the application code
• Specialized peripherals for high-performance 
• Board space and cost savings of up to 40% by eliminating the need for an additional microcontroller 
(MCU) and supporting circuits
• Faster on-chip, inter-core communication
• Reduces development time by enabling parallel development by multiple teams

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Projects and Circuits
Hummingbird Audio Amplifier 
USB Cable Tester – Part 2
SMD Trainer Board
Series, Features and Columns
Techno Talk
The Fox Report
Net Work
SMD Soldering Tips & Tricks
Audio Out
Circuit Surgery
Make it with Micromite
Max’s Cool Beans
Regulars and Services
PE Teach-In 9
Teach-In bundle – what a bargain!
PE Teach-In 8 
Practical Electronics PCB Service
Classified ads and Advertiser index 
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Title:  The Practical Electronics and microelectronics Download PDF
Language: English.
Size: 17 Mb
Pages: 78
Year : 2022
Format: PDF