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Arduino Made Simple: With Interactive Projects Download PDF

Download Arduino Made Simple: With Interactive Projects PDF
Arduino Made Simple: With Interactive Projects PDF
Picture Of The Book :
Arduino Made Simple With Interactive Projects
Arduino Made Simple: With Interactive Projects Download PDF
About Of The Book :

Arduino Made Simple is a book that provides an introduction to the Arduino platform, which is an open source electronics platform based on simple microcontroller boards and a development environment that allows users to write and upload code to the board. Perhaps aimed at beginners with little or no programming experience in electronics or programming, the book aims to make the process of working with Arduino simple and interactive through hands-on projects. The book may include step-by-step instructions and explanations for building and programming different projects, such as lights, sounds, and more.
This book promises to be a very good starting point for complete novice learners
and is quiet an asset to advanced users too. The author has written the book so that
the beginners will learn the concepts in a step-by-step approach.
Though this book is not written according to syllabus of any University, students
pursuing science and engineering degrees (B.E./ B. Tech /B.Sc./ M.E./ M. Tech./M.Sc.)
in Computer Science, Electronics, Instrumentation, Telecommunications and Electrical
will find this book immensely beneficial and helpful for their projects and practical
work. Software and I.T. Professionals who are beginning to learn microcontrollers or
want to switch their careers to IoT (Internet of Things) will also benefit from this book.

Introduction to Arduino

Arduino is an open-source electronics platform that uses simple microcontroller boards and a development environment to make it easy for people to create interactive electronic projects. The Arduino platform was first introduced in 2005, and since then it has become very popular among hobbyists, educators, and professionals for its simplicity and versatility.

The heart of an Arduino board is a microcontroller, which is a small, low-power computer that can be programmed to control a wide variety of electronic devices, such as lights, motors, sensors, and displays. The microcontroller on an Arduino board is typically an AVR microcontroller, which is a type of microcontroller developed by Atmel.

The Arduino development environment is based on the C programming language and is simple and easy to use, even for people with little or no programming experience. It includes a text editor for writing code, a compiler that converts the code into a format that can be understood by the microcontroller, and a programmer that uploads the code to the board.

Arduino boards come in a variety of different form factors and with a variety of different capabilities, such as different numbers of input/output pins, different types of communication interfaces, and different amounts of memory. The most popular board is the Arduino Uno, which is a good board for beginners to start with.

Arduino is also supported by a large and active community of users, who share code, instructions, and ideas for projects on the internet. This community support makes it easy to find help and inspiration for your own projects .

Contents Of The Book :

Chapter 1: Introduction to Arduino 
Chapter 2: Getting Started 
Chapter 3: Writing Programs for Arduino 
Chapter 4: LED Programming 
Chapter 5: Programming with Push Buttons 
Chapter 6: Analog Inputs and Various Buses
Chapter 7: Working With Displays 
Chapter 8: Arrays, strings, and memory
Chapter 9: Working with Sound and Sensors
Chapter 10: More Sensors
Chapter 11: Arduino PWM
Chapter 12: Matrix Keypad And Security System
Chapter 13: SD Card Module, IR Receiver, and Relay
Chapter 14: Arduino Nano and Arduino Tian
Chapter 15: Miscellaneous Topics

Information Of The Book :

Title: Arduino Made Simple: With Interactive Projects Download PDF
Size: 2 Mb
Pages: 190
Year : 2018
Format: PDF
Language : English
Author: Ashwin Pajankar