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Audio IC's Users Handbook Download PDF

Download Audio IC's Users Handbook PDF
Audio IC's Users Handbook PDF
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Audio IC's Users Handbook PDF

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Many audio and video integrated circuits are readily available for hobbyists, engineers, and builders. The new 64,000 manuals describe - with 400 examples almost the principles of operation of these most important devices and serve as practical instructions for the use of 73 of the most popular devices and which is useful now. audio integrated circuit. It deals with individual audio amplifier ICs and power inputs from a few milliwatts to 68W per channel, and audio devices from simple linear amplifiers to complex compressors, ICs/electronic volume control, noise reduction specialized ICs, analog, and digital delay lines, as well as audio ICs such as spot and bar display ICs and voltage regulators. The manual is divided into ten chapters. The source provides a brief overview of the basic principles and theory of "audio" and audio systems. The next five chapters cover the conceptual and practical aspects of audio signal processing circuits, amplifiers, low-frequency, and high-frequency amplifiers. Chapters 7 and 8 cover the audio-related topics of LED dots and bar displays (which can provide an indication of signal levels, etc.) and analog and digital integrated circuits and delay line systems (which can be used to provide effects special sound). such as echo and reverb). Chapter 9 deals with power circuits for use in audio systems. The final chapter presents a summary of useful information, covering issues such as speaker selection, power consumption, power supply requirements, and sound system design. The manual, although aimed at design engineers, technicians and practical testers, will undoubtedly also be of great interest to electricians and all students. He talks about his subjects in an easy-to-read, down-to-earth, often non-mathematical but comprehensive way. Each chapter begins by explaining its main principles.
subject and then, where appropriate, goes on to present the reader with a great mass of practical circuits and data, all of which have been fully evalu- ated and/or verified by the author.
Throughout the volume, great emphasis is placed on practical 'user' infor- mation and circuitry, and the book abounds with useful circuits and graphs. Most of the ICs and other devices used in the practical circuits are modestly priced and readily available types, with universally recognized type numbers.

Contents Of The Book :

1 Audio basics
2 Op-amp audio processing circuits
3 Dedicated audio processing IC circuits
Audio pre-amplifier circuits
5 Audio power amplifier circuits
6 High-power audio amplifiers
7 LED bar-graph displays
Audio delay-line systems and circuits
9 Power supply circuits

Information Of The Book :

Title: Audio IC's Users Handbook  PDF
Size: 10,89 Mb
Pages: 298
Year : 1997
Format: PDF
Author: Marston R.M.