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Basic Electrical Engineering Download PDF

Download Basic Electrical Engineering PDF
Basic Electrical Engineering PDF
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About Of The Book :

This book is intended for electrical engineering courses.  
There is a strong need for such a book, which will meet the needs of the Indian people 
Students come from diverse backgrounds across the country. This book is written in two parts. Part A covers important circuit topics basic research and tools. Part B deals with the concept of an electric machine.
Part A has six points. Chapter 1 of Part A introduces the student to both 
The basic laws of electrical engineering form the basis of all other subjects, namely Ohm's law and Kirchhoff's law. Chapter 2 deals with people's basic concepts of electromagnetism - an explanation of basic concepts of quantum, Biot-Savart law, Faraday's law, self-reaction, and cooperation Inductance. Chapter 3 covers the different roads of circuits - Verify, Verbal, overseers, Teven Irem, Norton 
Theorem, too much penal password can hardly theorem, transporting theorem, star-Delta 
Changes - applied to CC Skilly are easy. Chapter 4 is about waiting for students 
and the most important method of the circuit. The simple serial and parallel ac solution 
circuit is presented.
Chapter 5 introduces the concepts of three-phase circuits. A three-phase star-delta network solution is covered in this chapter. Chapter of 
discusses different methods of measuring the power of three colors. Chapter 6 introduces the student to common electrical equipment and 
engineering practices that we encounter in everyday life. This chapter covers 
the topic of electrical wiring, cable selection, simple wiring diagrams, 
the principle of operation of fuses, the principle of MCBs, grounding method, normal 
sources of heat, estimates of energy requirements for light loads, and reasons for 
resistance to electricity. Finally, Chapter 7 covers the basic concepts of 
electrical measurements. Rolling mills and rolling mills. 
The dynamometer, wattmeter, and energy meter are discussed in detail. Part B deals with electromechanical treatment. Chapter 1 introduces 
the basic concepts of electric machines. Chapter 2 deals with generators.
The construction, operation principle, and emission of induced emf are 
shown in detail. Chapter 3 
Treat the work, type, and identification of the current engine. It covers 
Important topic and tests of CC Asvanities. Chapter 4 is about the set 
and transformers.
Structural properties, functions, phasor diagrams, experiments, a compilation of 
performance, and standards are discussed in detail. Chapter 5 deals with the three-phase induction motor, the most powerful and most commonly used 
company. Chapter 6 introduces others in three stages. structure, emf 
Equation and the different methods of the principle are explained in detail. Chapter 7 
covers the induction motor of one unit. Chapter 8 presents experimental results 
procedures for some common experiments performed in electricity 
machine labs.
All chapters are presented simply and sweetly to make reading easy. 
understanding of the subject. Important ideas are highlighted to emphasis 
the need to memorize them. Each chapter has several fixed 
examples to reinforce student learning and help students apply their 
thoughts and situations are different. The examples are given help the students explain 
Abstract concepts in Electrical Engineering and their practical applications 
see in their daily life. Each chapter also provides several questions and 
an unsolved problem for the student to work on. The paper is available as a manual for an electronic engineer, the main way in 
Electrical metal, and for an electrical company.

Contents Of The Book :

Part I Circuits and Measurements 1
1 Basic laws
2 Electromagnetism
3 Methods of Circuit Analysis 
4 Single Phase ac Circuits
5 Three phase circuits
6 Electrical Wiring and Estimation
7 Electrical Instruments
Part II Electric Machines 
1 Introduction to Electric Machines 

Information Of The Book :

Title: Basic Electrical Engineering Download PDF
Size: 8 Mb
Pages: 597
Year : 2015
Format: PDF
Language : English
Author: Rao & Uma K & Jayalaxmi & A