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Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits Download PDF

Download Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits PDF
Graf - Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits PDF
Picture Of The Book :
Graf - Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits PDF

About Of The Book :

This volume of timely and practical circuits highlights the creative work of many people. Featured here are many circuits that appeared only briefly in some of our finer periodi- cals or limited-circulation publications. Also included are other useful and unique circuits from more readily available sources.
The source for each circuit is given in the sources section at the back of the book. The bold figure number that appears inside the box of each circuit is the key to the source. For example, the High Stability Voltage Reference circuit shown below is Fig. 93-10. If you turn to the Sources section and look for Fig. 93-10 you will find that Precision Monolithics supplied this circuit from p. 6-142 of their Full Line Catalog.
Many circuits are accompanied by a brief explanatory text. Those that do not have text can be readily understood from similar circuits in that chapter, or else they may be too complex to be explained briefly. The sparseness of the text is deliberate so as to allow for more circuits which, after all, is what this book is all about.
The Index and Contents will be a time saver for the reader who knows exactly what he is looking for. The first page of each chapter lists the circuits in the order that they appear. The browser will surely discover many ideas and circuits that may well turn out to be most rewarding and great fun to put together.
The Common Schematic Symbols chart will help you identify circuit components.

Contents Of The Book :

Common Schematic Symbols
1 Alarms
2 Amateur Radio
3 Amplifiers
4 Analog-to-Digital Converters 
5 Attenuators
6 Audio Mixers
7 Audio Oscillators
8 Audio Power Amplifiers 
9 Audio Signal Amplifiers 
10 Automotive
11 Battery Chargers
12 Battery Monitors
13 Buffers
14 Capacitance (Touch) Operated Circuits 
15 Carrier Current Circuits
16 Comparators
17 Converters
18 Crossover Networks 
19 Crystal Oscillators
20 Current Measuring Circuits 
21 Current Sources and Sinks
22 Dc/dc and dc/ac Converters 
23 Decoders
24 Delay Circuits
25 Detectors
26 Digital-to-Analog Converters 
27 Dip Meters
28 Displays
29 Dividers 
30 Drivers
31 Fiber Optic Circuits
32 Field Strength Meters 
33 Filters
34 Flashers and Blinkers
35 Frequency Measuring Circuits 
36 Frequency Multipliers
37 Frequency-to-Voltage Converters 
38 Fuzz Circuits
39 Games
40 Gas/Vapor Detectors
41 Indicators
42 Infrared Circuits
43 Instrumentation Amplifiers
44 Light Activated Circuits
45 Light Controls
46 Light Measuring Circuits 
47 Liquid Level Detectors 
48 Logic Circuits
49 Measuring Circuits
50 Metal Detectors
51 Metronomes
52 Miscellaneous Circuits
53 Mixers and Multiplexers
54 Modulation Monitors
55 Modulators
56 Moisture and Rain Detectors
57 Motor Controls
58 Multivibrators
59 Noise Generators
60 Oscilloscope Circuits
61 Phase Sequence and Phase Shift Circuits
62 Photography Related Circuits 
63 Power Measuring Circuits 
64 Power Supplies (Fixed)
65 Power Supplies (Variable)
66 Power Supply Protection Circuits 
67 Probes
68 Pulse Generators
69 Radiation Detectors
70 Ramp Generators
71 Receivers
72 Resistance and Continuity Measuring Circuits 
73 RF Amplifiers
74 RF Oscillators
75 Remote Control Circuits
76 Safety and Security Circuits 
77 Sample and Hold Circuits 
78 Schmitt Triggers
79 Smoke and Flame Detectors 
80 Sound Effect Circuits
81 Sound (Audio) Operated Circuits
82 Square Wave Oscillators
83 Stereo Balance Circuits
84 Switches
85 Telephone Related Circuits
86 Temperature Controls
87 Temperature Sensors
88 Timers
89 Tone Control Circuits
90 Transmitters
91 Ultrasonic Circuits
92 Video Amplifiers
93 Voltage and Current Sources and Reference Circuits
94 Voltage-Controlled Oscillators
95 Voltage-to-Frequency Converters
96 Voltmeters
97 Waveform and Function Generators 
98 Zero Crossing Detectors

Information Of The Book :

Title: Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits PDF
Size: 23 Mb
Pages: 800
Year : 2008
Format: PDF