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Learn to Program in Arduino C. 18 Lessons, From setup to Robots Download PDF

Download Learn to Program in Arduino C. 18 Lessons, From setup to Robots PDF
Learn to Program in Arduino C. 18 Lessons, From setup() to Robots PDF
Picture Of The Book :
Learn to Program in Arduino C. 18 Lessons, From setup() to Robots
Learn to Program in Arduino C. 18 Lessons, From setup() to Robots

About Of The Book :

he Arduino™ is an extremely popular single-board computer that can be used to make a vast variety of intelligent devices. With this book you will learn how to work with the Arduino™ itself, to 
identify and control common electronic components used with an Arduino,™ and, most important 
of all, to write programs for the Arduino.
his book is for you if you want to understand, program, and use Arduino™ to make things that work. It is also for you if you want to teach Arduino™ programming. We believe this mastery is valuable for three reasons: 
1. Industry demands and career opportunity: the key component of the Arduino™ is a microcontroller from the Atmel Corporation. Learning to program and apply an Arduino™ is also learning to program and apply a microcontroller, a skill that is in heavy demand in the industry. 
2. As a basis for learning other programming languages: Arduino™ is programmed in a version of the C programming language. Consequently, knowledge of the syntax of Arduino™ C transfers to learning higher-level languages, including C++, C#, Java, and Python, which are all currently used in the industry. 
3. Satisfaction and fun: Arduino™ can be used as the computing component for many different kinds of devices. Students who have completed the lessons in this book have gone on to design, build, and program robots that walk, sensors that record and report data, musical instruments, and quadcopters that ly, among other things. You will guide and pace your own learning. Each lesson builds upon and extends the content of the preceding lessons. And each lesson is constructed as it would be presented in a classroom, beginning first with key concepts and ending with exercises in applying that knowledge: Big Idea: the major concept or skill the lesson conveys. Everything else in the lesson supports this idea. Background: the underlying theory, and, when appropriate, the science behind the content of the lesson. Understanding the background of new material enhances your ability to apply that knowledge. Vocabulary: New terms are highlighted in yellow when they are introduced in the text. hose terms and their definitions are also conveniently arranged in a table (with a yellow banner heading) for reference. 
I'd be happy to help you learn how to program in Arduino C! Here is an overview of what you can expect to learn in 18 lessons:
Introduction to Arduino and the C programming language
Setting up the Arduino development environment
Basic syntax and structure of C
Variables and data types
Control flow (if/else, loops)
Arrays and strings
Interacting with digital inputs and outputs
Interacting with analog inputs and outputs
Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
Serial communication
Timers and interrupts
Working with sensors
Controlling motors
Building a simple robot
Advanced robot control using PID algorithms
Communication with other devices using I2C and SPI
Debugging and troubleshooting

Contents Of The Book :

Lesson 1: Microcontrollers and SBCs Microcontrollers and SBCs
Lesson 2: Communicating with the Arduino™ Lesson 2 Communicating with the Arduino™
Lesson 3: Variables and Strings
Lesson 4: Digital Pins and Constants
Lesson 5: Integers and Math Integers and Math
Lesson 6: Serial Input
Lesson 7: For Loops
Lesson 8: Digital Input, If Else Digital Input, If Else
Lesson 9: Analog IO
Lesson 10: Simple Tones
Lesson 11: Servos and Helper Methods Standard Servos and Helper Methods
Lesson 12: Infrared Sensors
Lesson 13: Infrared Transmitters Infrared Transmitters
Lesson 14: DC Motors
Lesson 15: Infrared Navigation
Lesson 16: Sony IR Protocol
Lesson 17: Control Tone with IR Remote
Lesson 18: IR Robot Remote Control IR Robot Remote Control

Information Of The Book :

Title: Learn to Program in Arduino C. 18 Lessons, From setup to Robots Download PDF
Size: 6 Mb
Pages: 289
Year : 2017
Format: PDF
Language : English
Author: William P. Osborne
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