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Power Supply Circuits Sourcebook Vol 1 Download PDF

Download Power Supply Circuits Sourcebook Volume 1 PDF
Power Supply Circuits Sourcebook Volume 1 PDF
Picture Of The Book :
Power Supply Circuits Sourcebook Volume 1

About Of The Book :

This introductory book contains 50 useful electronic circuits for power applications. It has circuits organized as voltage regulators, reducers, current sources, monitors, inverters, converters and some auxiliary circuits that are commonly used in power supply devices. You can combine multiple circuits into one large module to create powerful electronics tailored to your unique application. Most of the circuits are of the type of voltage regulators while some are auxiliaries that can increase or protect the power supply circuit. Transistors used in circuits have more than one equivalent. Pin selection is also shown in detail. This feature can help avoid unnecessary delays. Pins shown are either in the bottom or front view of the transistor unless otherwise noted. A large transistor must be installed which may or may not be mounted directly on the PCB and heatsink. A dotted circle around the transistor means that the transistor must be a hot spot.
 With this sourcebook, you have the advantage of being able to design and assemble an electric power module quickly and without problems. It is a sure way to increase satisfaction in your hobby. If you are a professional electronics designer, this will help you beat the competition. Speed, efficiency, short development time, no errors, user-friendliness: these are the key to success. This very useful book is filled with 50 practical ideas that will help you overcome the end of work. Put your imagination to work! Make your creativity pay! Only time! informative... useful... professional... a lot...
The electronic circuits, software, or related documents contained in this document are designed or intended for use (either free or sold) as Internet control devices in hazardous environments. want to operate poorly, such as, but not limited to, the operation of nuclear power plants. equipment, aeronautical or communications systems, flight controls, direct life support machines or weapons systems whose hardware or software failure could result in death, personal injury or physical damage or is the environment ("frightening event") (s) and the publisher (s) assumes no liability for damage or injury of any kind that may result from the use or use of the circuit Electronics from this collection. The authors and publishers do not express any express or implied warranty or suitability for serious activities. Electronic circuits, software and related documentation are not warranted in any way. The authors and publishers expressly disclaim all other warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Contents Of The Book :

High Current Regulated 5V
Voltage Monitor
6V to 12V Converter 
5V/3A Power Source
Symmetrical Power Supply 
Regulated Power Supply 
Single Chip Power Supply
Simple Switching Supply 
Compact Symmetrical PS 
Remote Sensing Regulator 
Current Monitored Supply 
Voltage Doubler
Power Supply Regulator 
Variable Power Supply 
Stable Power Supply
Stable Zener Voltage 
3-Watt Amp Power Supply
Standby Supply 
DC Regulator
Symmetrical Aux PS
0.1V - 50V Power Supply 
DC to DC Converter
3-Ampere Power Supply 
0…50V/0…2-A Power Supply 
Supply for Opamps
PS w/ Dissipation Limiter
5-A Delayed Power On 
TTL Power Supply Monitor 
6V to 12V Converter
Versatile Power Supply
Robust 5V Supply 
Voltage Converter 
Fuse Monitor
Low Drop Regulator 
Amplified Regulator
78XX Regulator Monitor 
Automatic Emergency Lamp 
Overvoltage Crowbar 
Constant Current 
DC Motor Speed Regulator 
Symmetrical Power Supply 

Information Of The Book :

Title: Power Supply Circuits Sourcebook Vol 1 PDF
Size: 29 Mb
Pages: 208
Year : 2008
Format: PDF
Language : English
Author: Intellin Organization