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The Ultimate Laptop Repairing Course Download PDF

Download The Ultimate Laptop Repairing Course PDF
The Ultimate Laptop Repairing Course PDF
Picture Of The Book :
The Ultimate Laptop Repairing Course PDF

About Of The Book :

This is a book that goes deeper into the Motherboard End of Laptop Repairing. After reading the book in its entirety, then rereading it a second time, you shall able to repair a bunch of laptop motherboards.
This book is written to teach those people who –
1. Technically inclined and want to know how to successfully repair a laptop or notebook computer.
2. Who is serious to learn to make his career as a laptop repair technician?
3. Individual to know how to repair and maintain his own laptop.
This book is a complete guidebook to fulfill those requirements.
This book was written to allow a better understanding of how exactly a Laptop can fail and how an individual such as yourself, can troubleshoot, diagnose and properly repair the faulty issue(s) that may arise while saving a ton of money rather than sending it to a repair facility or buying new replacement parts.
Great for current Students enrolled in Technology related courses, as this information is
not taught in classes.
Please take the time to read this book in its entirety, then re-read it again to ensure you get a clear understanding of all its content. I also recommend that you purchase my First book release entitled: World’s First Complete Guide to Laptop & Notebook Repair.– Suitable for all age groups and learning levels – this book will teach you without all the technical terms used and will explain, step by step, in great detail. I will not include all the arithmetic equations used, or the specific detailed component schematics, rather, I will replace those confusing terms with easily understandable replacement terms for your convenience and to allow a better understanding for the Beginner or inexperienced technician.

Contents Of The Book :

2. Parts of the
Installing Operating Systems on Laptops & Netbooks
CD/DVD Drive
Repairing Recover
Lost Data from a Dead Hard Drive
Screen Repairing
Laptop Power on Problem
9. Laptop Motherboard Component
10. The Soldering Process
11. Motherboard

Information Of The Book :

Title: The Ultimate Laptop Repairing Course PDF
Size: 15 Mb
Pages: 200
Year : 2018
Format: PDF
Language : English
Author: Rahaman K A.