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Basic Electrical Troubleshooting for Everyone Download PDF

Download Basic Electrical Troubleshooting for Everyone PDF
Basic Electrical Troubleshooting for Everyone PDF
Picture Of The Book :
Basic Electrical Troubleshooting for Everyone
 Basic Electrical Troubleshooting for Everyone

About of The book :

"Basic Electrical Troubleshooting for Everyone" is a book that provides an introduction to electrical troubleshooting and repair for people with little or no electrical knowledge. The book is intended to be an easy-to-understand guide that covers basic electrical concepts and provides practical tips for diagnosing and fixing common electrical problems.
Topics that may be covered in the book include electrical safety, electrical theory, basic electrical components and circuits, and common electrical problems such as faulty switches, outlets, and circuit breakers. The book may also discuss tools and techniques for electrical troubleshooting, such as using a multimeter to test voltage and continuity, and wiring diagrams for various electrical systems.
The goal of the book is to provide a comprehensive, but accessible, resource for individuals to use when dealing with electrical problems in their homes or workplaces, and to empower people to take care of basic electrical repairs themselves, rather than relying on professional electricians for every issue.
What does the title mean? It is the idea that we can approach any electrical or electronic (and mechanical) fault using a basic logical or probability-based investigation to observe and correctly identify the significant indicators that will eventually lead us to failure or failures. This is no different from the Detective Books you read or TV Shows you watch where the hero used a logical approach (while all those around him just ran around willy-nilly) to identify the clues and catch the bad guy. This book is a complete course in Troubleshooting. Along with the written theory explaining my troubleshooting methods, there are over 80 diagrams and drawings,

Contents Of The book :

Introduction To Troubleshooting
A Few Basics
The Troubleshooting Approach
Troubleshooting Aids
What is Troubleshooting?
Troubleshooting Questions
Troubleshooting Tips
The Flashlight Exercise
Failures in Proven Systems
Failures in Unproven/Modified Systems
Troubleshooting Pitfalls
Multiplex/MUX Bus Systems
Troubleshooting Exercises
Practical Exercises
Exercise Circuits
Comprehension Questions
Comprehension Answers

Information Of The Book :

Title: Basic Electrical Troubleshooting for Everyone Download PDF
Size: 24 Mb
Pages: 215
Year : 2007
Format: PDF
Language : English
Author: Darrel P. Kaiser
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