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Electrical Circuit Analysis and Design Download PDF

Download Electrical Circuit Analysis and Design PDF
Electrical Circuit Analysis and Design PDF
Picture Of The Book :
Electrical Circuit Analysis and Design PDF
Electrical Circuit Analysis and Design PDF

About Of The Book :

"Electrical Circuit Analysis and Design" is a textbook that provides an in-depth introduction to the analysis and design of electrical circuits. The book covers fundamental concepts such as Ohm's Law, Kirchhoff's laws, and circuit theorems, as well as more advanced topics such as network analysis, operational amplifiers, and digital circuits.
The book is intended for students in electrical engineering, as well as practicing engineers and technicians who need to understand the analysis and design of electrical circuits. It provides a comprehensive overview of the subject matter, with clear explanations and numerous examples to illustrate key concepts.
Chapter 1 covers d.c. circuits and intro duces the concept of basic elements and laws, including Kirchhoff's laws together with simple circuit analysis, and described dependent and independent sources. In chapter 2, we take a first look at network analysis using mesh, nodal and loop analysis. In undergraduate and so me HND courses, the latter usually involves a knowledge of network topology, which is also introduced. Finally, an introduction to the duality between circuits having similar mesh and nodal equations is given.Overall, "Electrical Circuit Analysis and Design" is a comprehensive textbook that provides a solid foundation in the analysis and design of electrical circuits. Whether you are a student, engineer, or technician, this book can help you gain a deeper understanding of the subject and improve your skills in electrical circuit analysis and design.
In order to understand circuit analysis fully, the reader should have a grasp of a number of circuit theorems and this, for d.c. circuits, is provided in chapter 3. To move on to alternating current theory, the reader needs to understand the basis of circuits containing energy storage elements, this information being provided in chapter 4. Here we deal with capacitors, inductors and mutual inductance. Engineers have devised the 'dot' notation to deal with the latter, and this is fully explained in this chapter. In chapter 5, we look at some of the many interesting aspects of alternating current theory, including phasors and phasor diagrams, complex impedance and admittance, together with series and parallel combinations of elements and circuits. Also covered are power and power factor, together with complex power. Next, in chapter 6, we apply a range of circuit theorems to a.c. networks. Power-based electrical engineers have a particular interest in polyphase circuits, and this topic is comprehensively covered in chapter 7. This chapter describes and analyses many aspects of three-phase systems, including power measurement and symmetrical components. Two-port networks are of great significance to electronics and telecommunications engineers and, in chapter 8, the reader is introduced to y, Z, hand transmission parameters, together with the relationship between them. In chapter 9 we meet the transformer , both 'ideal' and 'linear'. A knowledge of these is vital to both electrical and electronic engineers alike. In chapter 10, we deal comprehensively with the transient analysis of circuits. A practice in many courses is to deal with this topic using two or sometimes three different techniques, each time covering very similar ground! In this chapter we look, initially, at the process of solving first- and second-order circuits by classical methods. These methods gene rally have a number of disadvantages, which are overcome by the use of the Laplace transform method; the latter is used throughout the remainder of the chapter.

Contents Of The Book :

1 Elements and Laws
2 Circuit Analysis
3 Circuit Theorems 
4 Energy Storage Elements
5 The Sinewave, Phasors and Power 
6 Sinusoidal Steady-state Analysis
7 Polyphase Circuits 
8 Two-port Networks 
9 The Transformer
10 Transient Solution of Electrical Circuits
11 Complex Frequency, the s-Plane and Bode Diagrams
12 Resonance
13 Harmonics and Fourier Analysis 
14 Computer Solution of Electric Circuits
15 Complex Numbers, Matrices, Determinants and Partial Fractions

Information Of The Book :

Title: Electrical Circuit Analysis and Design Download PDF
Size: 23 Mb
Pages: 421
Year : 1993
Format: PDF
Language : English
Author: N oel M. Morris
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